Pokemon Unite Patch Notes: Greedent Nerf & New Pokemon in first Season 2 update

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Pokemon Unite is bringing the first changes and balances for the Season 2 of the game.

Besides necessary bug fixes and adjustments, the upcoming patch will likely include the new Pokemon Decidueye. Here is everything we know so far about Pokemon Unite Update

Pokemon Unite Update Release Date

Pokemon Unite will be launched on November 10, 2021 around 2:00 p.m. EST.

Players can exchange items from the Pumpkin Exchange and play the Halloween in Mer Stadium for one more day.

Big Nerf to Greedent

In a few words, the addition of Greedent was kind of annoying to play with and against, as his skills were buggy and he was way too resistant.

In response, developers are balancing his entire kit in Pokemon Unite in this update.

For those participating in the Halloween event, today is also the last day to get your Greedent Free Unite License.

Decidueye is the next new Pokemon

It seems TiMi Studios is putting the rumors to rest, confirming by a tease that the plant-type Pokemon Decidueye is the next playable Pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite.

We do not have more details about the skills or the type of role that Decidueye has in the game. But for those familiar with this Pokemon, we can speculate he will be a ranged attacker or all-rounder.

Decidueye in Pokemon Unite
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Decidueye is the next Pokemon Unite character.

Based on previous releases, Trainers will get a Decidueye License in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 10000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems.

Pokemon Unite Patch Notes

From nerfs to system changes, dive into the Pokemon Unite patch notes below!

Greedent Nerfs

  • Stuff Cheeks - HP recovery decreased for Greedent only.
  • Covet - Fixed a bug where Belch could be used more often than expected.
  • Cheek Pouch - The shielding effect has become weaker.
  • Bullet Seed - Increased damage for this skill.
  • Belch - Cooldown Increased. The damage has been decreased.
  • Unite Move: Belly Belly Floop - Fixed a bug that caused unintended behavior of this skill.

Alolan Ninetales Buffs

  • Increased her Special Attack
  • Blizzard - Cooldown decreased, damage increased.

Gardevoir Buffs

  • Psychic - Cooldown decreased, the effect that affects Opponents'
  • Movement Speed and Special DEF has been increased.

Sylveon Bug Fix

  • Unite Move: Fairy Frolic - Fixed a bug that has affected the HP recovery effect.

Pikachu Bug Fix

  • Unite Move: Thunderstorm - Fixed a bug where Pikachu could not use Thunder during the Unite Move.

Garchomp Bug Fix

  • Rough Skin - Fixed a bug where the passive was doing more damage to Zeroara Thunderbolt.

Battle Items Changes

  • Potion - Increased the HP recovery.
  • X Speed - Longer time effect for the movement speed increased
  • Full Heal - Fixed a bug when the item was not able to clean hindrances.

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