Bunny Day 2021 has arrived in Animal Crossing

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Bunny day is now live in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this time it will be much shorter though.

There's a lot of great stuff coming to Animal Crossing over the next few weeks and we have all the information you'll need to know about it here.

Latest - Bunny Day Is Live

Bunny day has officially started, bringing Easter to Animal Crossing.There are so many things to explore so be sure to continue reading because we've got all of the info.

Island Tour Creator Coming Next Week

Players will soon be able to create posters and trailers for their islands in the new Island Tour Creator.

Animal Crossing Island Tour Creator Key Art
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In an official blog post, details of the new feature were laid out.

"A new way to share your island with the world is on the way!
The new Island Tour Creator launches on March 23 and is a limited-time web service currently planned to be available until the end of this year that lets you use screenshots and footage captured in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to create a poster and trailer for your island.
Share your favorite spots on your island or commemorate sentimental scenes to show off what makes your personal island so special."

Bunny Day Start & End Date

The Bunny Day event begins in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on March 28th, 2021.

Despite the fact that the actual Bunny Day is on April 4th, 2021, you will be able to visit Nook's Cranny a week before and purchase some exclusive Bunny Day items ahead of the big day!

Other than this, it seems things are largely similar to last year's celebrations.

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For better, or for worse, that means people who got Animal Crossing on launch have a lot to look forward too...

Zipper Is Back

Somehow... Zipper T. Bunny has returned.

It's safe to say that the Animal Crossing Community had mixed responses to last year's Bunny Day thanks to Zipper, the event's Special Character.

Aside from the fact that many players just found him generally quite annoying, Zipper looks like a creature you'd find in Five Nights at Freddy's, not Animal Crossing!

Animal Crossing Bunny Day Zipper Easter Egg Hunt
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LURKING - Why does Zipper DO THAT?!

Still, although there isn't too much mention of him in the announcement from Isabelle above, we're pretty sure he's going to be bouncing his way back to your island for Bunny Day.

Egg Hunt

The infamous Egg Hunt is coming back too! It wouldn't be a Bunny Day without it, right?

Last year, Animal Crossing players had to spend Bunny Day doing a rather tedious Egg Hunt for Zipper to be rewarded with a Zipper Toy and it seems something similar is on the cards for this year's event.

Thankfully though, these eggs aren't just used to get that amazing Zipper Toy that everyone totally wanted.

Animal Crossing Bunny Day Fishing Egg Hunt
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FISH FOR IT - Eggs can come from anywhere on Bunny Day ( Credit: Forbes )

They're also used in DIY recipes for special Bunny Day items in addition to the Bunny Day furniture series.

Below, we have a list of all the different types of Bunny Day egg in Animal crossing:

  • Sky Egg - Hanging from Multi-Coloured Balloons
  • Water Egg - Found via Fishing
  • Leaf Egg - Found on Trees via Shaking
  • Stone Egg - Found hitting a Rock with an Axe or Shovel
  • Earth Egg - Found in the ground like Fossils
  • Wood Egg - Found by hitting a tree with an Axe

DIY Recipes

It seems almost certain that all the DIY Recipes from last year's Animal Crossing Bunny Day celebrations are returning to the game from March 28th.

If you didn't get them all the first time around, you can get them in the following ways:

  • In presents tied to multi-coloured balloons
  • In a multi-coloured Egg message bottle
  • From Villagers with an ! above their head

In addition to this, there are four exclusive DIY Recipies that you can only get from Zipper himself! Sadly, you have to talk to him at some point.

Zipper DIY Recipies:

  • Bunny Day Bed
  • Bunny Day Watch
  • Wobbling Zipper Toy
  • Bunny Day Wand
Animal Crossing Bunny Day Easter Egg Furniture
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EGGS - If you like Easter, then you're in luck!

Bunny Day DIY Recipies

  • Bunny Day Glowy Garland
  • Bunny Day Table
  • Bunny Day Wall Clock
  • Bunny Day Stool
  • Bunny Day Lamp
  • Bunny Day Flooring
  • Bunny Day Wall
  • Bunny Day Wardrobe
  • Bunny Day Fence
  • Bunny Day Wreath
  • Bunny Day Rug

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  • Bunny Day Vanity
  • Bunny Day Festive Balloons
  • Bunny Day Merry Balloons
  • Bunny Day Bag
  • Bunny Day Crown
  • Bunny Day Arch
  • Sky-egg Clothes
  • Wood-egg Clothes
  • Earth-egg Clothes
  • Stone-egg Clothes
  • Water-egg Clothes
  • Leaf-egg Clothes
  • Egg Party Outfit

For all of these items, you will need to collect the Bunny Day Eggs in-game as they are the primary resource for crafting these DIY Recipes.

Some of the larger DIY items require multiple types of Bunny Day egg too, so be sure to collect a variety!

Nook's Cranny

That being said, if you don't want to go hunting for eggs all the time you will be able to purchase one item from the Bunny Day series each day from Nook's Cranny.

Animal Crossing Bunny Day Sign Nook's Cranny
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SHOPPING - It might be worth saving up some Bells too!

We're also guessing that this will apply to the Able Sister's regarding the Bunny Day outfits, but we haven't had anything official from Isabelle yet.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Bunny Day starts on March 28th, 2021, and will run on for at least a week until April 4th, 2021.

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