Is PGA Tour 2K21 on Next-Gen? PS5, Xbox Series X, Backward Compatibility, Wishlist and more

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Is PGA Tour 2K21 on next-gen? With 2K's next golfing sim entry set for release ahead of next-gen consoles, let's take a look at what could happen, come Holiday 2020.

Is PGA Tour 2K21 on Next-Gen?

At the moment, there's been no official announcement that PGA Tour 2K21 is coming to next-gen platforms.

It has been announced for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PS4.

However, you'll still be able to play the game thanks to one unique feature of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Backward Compatibility

Featuring on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, backward compatibility allows players to run games released for 'old-gen' consoles.

For example, if you have a PS4 game you should be able to play it on PS5. The same goes for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

This is a great option if 2K decides to not release PGA Tour 2K21 on next-gen - but what if they do in the future?

Is PGA Tour 2K21 on Next-Gen
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NOOOOO (WORRIES): Smart Delivery could come to the rescue

Smart Delivery

Smart Delivery is another exciting feature of next-gen, however, it has only been confirmed for Xbox Series X so far.

If a game supports Smart Delivery, you'll have access to the 'next-gen' version regardless of which console you end up playing it on.

As mentioned, it's yet to be confirmed if PS5 will have Smart Delivery, but with there is still much to be revealed from Sony's side - so fingers crossed.

Will PGA Tour 2K21 release on Next-Gen?

At this point, all we can say is 'maybe'. If we look at the history of Playstation and Xbox, it's not uncommon for games to be re-released on the next-gen iterations.

With both consoles scheduled for release in holiday 2020, we'll have to wait and see!

What could we see if it does release on Next-Gen?

Both Xbox Series X and PS5 have some impressive specs. If we do see the golfing sim makes its way on to next-gen platforms, here's a few enhancements you could potentially expect to see.

Improved Loading Times

Both consoles are set to have extremely fast loading times, so if it is released, expect to be able to jump into the action with hardly any wait.

Enhanced Graphics

It almost goes without saying that the graphics should get a boost.

Players could end up experiencing the game in a way like never before!

Improved Audio

Next-gen is set to push the audio game forward in a great way.

PS5 3D Audio for example essentially gives each object its own sound. A good way to imagine this is that every raindrop has its own sound.

Imagine how amazing that could be when applied to a virtual crowd of your fans!

Is PGA Tour 2K21 on Next-Gen?
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I WANNA HEAR ALL OF YOU! Next-gen audio improvements could be a new level of immersion

Release Date

PGA tour 2K21 is set for release for 21 August 2020, and we can't wait.

For everything you need to know and more on 2K's next showstopper, be sure to check back in with us.

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