PS5 box art REVEALED: First Look, Spider-Man Miles Morales, News, and more

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Brace yourself, we've just got our first look at what the PS5 games will look like!

Keep reading for all the details!

PS5 Box Art Revealed


In a blog post by Sony, we now officially have our first look at what PS5 games could look like!

PS5 Box design 1
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CLEAN CUT! The new design certainly looks fresh


Very similar to the PS4 casing, but with the noticeable difference of a white band at the top.

The new colour appears to reflect the PS5's dual tone design itself! Perhaps even the blue plastic on show could be interpreted as the lights?

It's not a huge change by any means, but exciting nonetheless!

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We've also got a great look at the cover for the upcoming Spider Man game, which we saw a preview of at the PS5 reveal event.

Needless to say, we're beyond excited after watching the awesome preview.

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PS5 Release Date

We're still on high alert for the announcement of the official PS5 release date, however, we do know it will be coming for Holiday 2020.

There's still a lot of mystery surrounding the PS5, such as if it will get a black version or not? For answers to these questions and more, be sure to check back in with us!