Pokemon GO Update: New buddy system added to Niantic's AR game - Level up, Best Pokemon buddies and more!

With the end of 2019 upon us, it has been an exciting year for Pokemon fans.

Not only have we seen the dawn of a new era of mainline games on the Nintendo Switch in Sword and Shield, but we also saw a massive resurgence in the number of people playing Pokemon Go.

This was largely due to the fact that the game has received some brilliant updates since its launch back in 2016 - with the great addition of raids, legendary pokemon and (most enticing of all) the prospect of catching rare shiny Pokemon!

Well, Niantic, the company behind the creation of Pokemon GO have one last treat in store for players before the start of 2020.


New Buddy Adventures update!

We can all remember our first starter Pokemon with fond memories - the new update takes buddying up with your Pokemon to the next level.


You can read Niantic's full statement below:

'Get ready to explore the world with your Buddy Pokémon! In the all-new Buddy Adventure feature, your buddy will be by your side in your Pokémon GO explorations like never before.

Buddy Adventure is an elevated bonding experience for Trainers and their buddies.

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You’ll get to know your Buddy Pokémon’s mood as you increase your Buddy Level by playing with your buddy, feeding your buddy treats, and battling and exploring with your buddy.

In addition, swapping Buddy Pokémon no longer resets progress toward earning Candy.

Like any great Pokémon Trainer, you’ll find that the world around you will become richer with Pokémon by your side as they grow with you and help you along your journey.'

We for one cannot wait for this update to roll out!

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