GTA 6: Top 3 things we want to see in Rockstar’s next release

These additions could propel the next heist adventure to be the best game of all time!

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Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors and speculation continue to emerge.

As we think about the GTA 6 missions and mini-games that could appear in Rockstar’s next action-adventure game.

With the sixth year anniversary approaching since the release of its last game and Rockstar Leeds recently advertising for a new role, which we believe has a direct link to GTA 6, we are hopeful of an official announcement soon.

With the potential for some information about GTA 6 coming at Gamescom, which is quickly approaching, we take a look at some things that avid fans of the GTA community have been dying for and could propel the GTA series to an all-time high. 

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Better Store Selection

Photo via Rock Star Games

A regualr feature of any GTA title is the abundance of stores that players can access at any time, and all serve their own unique department. Ranging from fancy attire, casual wear and weapons there is always something to buy throughout the GTA world.

The stores have become one of the best features in GTA 5 and throughout Los Santos there are different region-specific stores for each portion of the map. 

Although Rockstar games have done an impressive job on keeping the players entertained with the stores, we want more! For many players, once they have all the clothing and weapon sets they want that is all they need to buy from the stores.

Perhaps adding more unique stores throughout Los Santos and progressive stores that can unlock as you progress through the story mode could provide players with more options and opportunities.

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Better Real Estate System 

Photo via Rock Star Games

As opposed to the GTA 5 Online real estate system where players can openly buy any property they please, the GTA story mode real estate system was very disappointing to fans.

Although the story mode had three different protagonists and there were certain missions set in their unique houses, there was still hope that after the main story mode we would be able to buy luxurious houses, which was unfortunately not the case. 

A feature that needs drastic improvement in GTA 6 should be to allow players to buy any property for sale and can have the option to live in it and customize to our best wishes.

It would add more incentive to save up money and players would for sure find unique and cool ways to make their house stand out from the rest. 

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Red Dead’s Weather System

Photo via Rock Star Games

This one seems like the most likely feature to be implemented into GTA 6.

Rockstar Games recent hit Red Dead Redemption 2  introduced a one-of-a-kind weather system that would alter the realism of GTA 6.

One of the main components of this system was the variety that was on show throughout the story mode, which was set over multiple years, 

With rumors of GTA 6 also being set over the course of multiple years we could see all the seasons be in play along with some other variable weather in GTA 6.

The weather system received heavy praise in Red Dead Redemption 2 and it seems like a given that Rockstar Games uses the same for their next GTA title.

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