25 Sep 2020 5:21 PM +00:00 UTC

Arsenal 0-3 Manchester City: 5 things we learned

On Thursday night, the Premier League was given the sense of an ending.  

Manchester City’s unhurried 3-0 win over Arsenal means that, should Pep Guardiola’s men win five of their remaining ten fixtures, they’ll be crowned champions in one of the most one-sided campaigns in memory. 

For the hosts, it felt like something more significant reached its denouement. Arsene Wenger has managed Arsenal throughout the best period of its history but he has presided over one of its most banal, too.  

This game felt like a nadir, with a team of average players swept aside under the gaze of a half-interested, half-empty stadium.  

In a match that felt symbolic, here are five things we learned.