NBA Live: The key to saving the title lies in FIFA 20 & Madden

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The NBA regular season is here. After an off-season of
blockbuster signings
and megastars
the court has come alive as the LA teams seem set to battle it out
in the west while Philadelphia try to find the triumph at the end of the

NBA 2K20 has been out for a while now, delivering hoops
action to the homes of millions and dominating
in the whole industry, at least until the numbers are added up for Call
of Duty

2K’s success is in stark contrast of EA, who have licensing rights for an NBA game of their own but have gone dark about the fate of NBA Live 20. The twitter account for NBA Live has been silent since mid-July.


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Originally slated for September, the game was oddly absent
from EA Play this year and then in a financial report had been pushed into Q3,
so the October-December period. And yet here we are, nearing November and with
the NBA season having started but EA have not made a peep about dropping a basketball
game, echoing when they cancelled NBA Live 17.

So if EA have really cancelled this year’s game, what can
they do to revive it? Well, the answer may lie in their other sports titles…

Madden 20’s House Rules

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FRESH COMPETITION: House Rules offer options for users tired of the same-old game


Madden 20 is far from perfect, but one area it has excelled
at is bringing fresh ideas to Ultimate Team to create fresh challenges and
exciting game modes.

From a yard vs yard tug-of-war to 15-yard first downs, stealing points from opponents for TFLs, and scoring 50 points for a 50+ yard touchdown.

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Sure, football has a few more options for this that the NBA,
but stealing points from an opponent when you steal the ball, getting extras
for a half-court shot, or forcing dunks over 3s, there are a myriad of options
EA could utilize to make NBA Live stand out but using these tried, tested, and
enjoyed extra game modes.

FIFA 20’s VOLTA mode

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TAKE TO THE STREETS: Street basketball could be the answer for NBA Live


VOLTA wasn’t the FIFA Street everyone wanted, but the confined
street football has been a hit regardless. With it comes the obvious
translation into the NBA.

EA had an NBA Street game back in the mid-2000s that focused
on arcade 3v3 basketball. Bringing back a grittier version of street hoops with
enhanced dribbling skills, wall passes, and a rags-to-riches story line would
be an immediate hook for players that want to play ball like they do with
friends rather than like pros do on NBA courts.

What do you think EA should do with NBA Live? Let us
know in the comments below!