NBA Live 21 Ultimate Team: House Rules, Weekend League, Season Objectives & more

NBA Live will be back in 2020, but what new changes are we hoping to see on Ultimate Team?

Tom Young by Tom Young
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With much of the gaming world put on the back burner due to coronavirus outbreak, it may be hard for some fans to get excited about upcoming releases.

But one thing which sports gamers – particularly those who are fond of the NBA – are sure to be excited about is the impending return of EA’s NBA Live.

With no new NBA Live on the market last year, there’s a sense of excitement around the next release, with EA having plenty of time to work on a real competitor for the NBA 2K series.

A real MyTEAM competitor is a must if EA want to see fans make the switch and with both FIFA and Madden’s Ultimate Team so successful, we’re hoping to see some real improvements to NBA Live’s Ultimate Team.

Here is what we’re hoping to see on NBA Live 21’s Ultimate Team.

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House Rules

It was the newest addition to FIFA’s Ultimate Team, but will we see a new set of House Rules drop on NBA Live this year?

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House Rules on NBA Live could be all sorts of fun. Alongside those traditional three v three modes which we’ve become accustomed to 2K, there’s a whole load of other innovative modes in NBA Live 21.

mystery ball fifa 20
MYSTERY BALL? Could we see any of these House Rules on NBA Live?

The main one which we’d like to see transfer over from FIFA is Mystery Ball. Imagine a shooting boost on Ben Simmons which could see him drain a three-ball from deep. That’d be pretty cool, right?

Season Objectives on NBA Live

One thing which we’ve absolutely loved in FIFA’s Ultimate Team this year is the new Season Objectives.

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The new format has rewarded players who put the hours in on the game in the form of packs, celebrations, players and everything in between.

fifa 20 future stars academy martin odegaard fut objective
BALLERS! There are some huge players available in FIFA’s objectives

Is this something we could see transferred over to the basketball sim? We sure hope so. As much as it takes a little bit of time and effort, it would give players something to work towards and encourage gamers to put the hours in, it would definitely help to encourage players to make the switch, that‘s for sure.

NBA Live Weekend League?

Could we see it happen? A Weekend League for NBA Live players?

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Whilst we anticipate the next NBA Live title to see significant improvements from their last release, a Weekend League may could a little bit too soon for the EA title, especially when the main objective will be getting players to return, rather than focusing on the elite gamers.

CHALLENGERS! The NBA League currently takes place on NBA 2K

All the big competitive tournaments in the NBA gaming world currently take place on 2K but, if NBA Live can get players to make the switch then who knows, NBA Live World Cup in 2022 anyone?

Tom Young