NBA Live 19: Los Angeles Clippers Player Ratings and Roster

Take a look at the Clippers’ new look roster here, as well as all the team’s player ratings from NBA Live 19

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The Clippers roster is unrecognizable from a year ago, made up of players they acquired in the Blake Griffin trade as well as a couple of off-season acquisitions. Check out how they fare on NBA Live 19 below.


Patrick Beverley, PG, 82

Age: 30

Position: PG

Height: 6’1’’

Playstyle: Backcourt Defender

Best stats: 96 On Ball Defense, 90 Speed, 90 Stamina

Beverley didn’t get through much of last season before a knee injury forced him to the sidelines. In total he managed just 11 games in his first season with the Clippers, averaging 12.2 points, 4.1 rebounds, 2.9 assists and 1.7 steals per game. Much of his value, however, isn’t evident in the box score – Beverley is one of the best perimeter defenders in the game, and his ability to make life difficult for the opposition’s best guard is a huge asset to his team.

Avery Bradley, SG, 82

Age: 27

Position: SG

Height: 6’2’’

Playstyle: Backcourt Defender

Best stats: 94 Stamina, 91 On Ball Defense, 86 Speed

The second half of the Clippers’ very defensively-minded backcourt, Bradley was traded to the Clippers halfway through last season. He managed just six games, however, before a groin injury sidelined him for the rest of the season. More talented on defense than he is on offense, Bradley can nonetheless provide some perimeter shooting, though he could occasionally benefit from settling for less mid-range jump shots.


Danilo Gallinari, SF, 78

Age: 30

Position: SF

Height: 6’10’’

Playstyle: Wing Scorer

Best stats: 94 Stamina, 90 Free Throw, 82 Mid-Range Shot

Another Clippers starter who didn’t enjoy a great run with injuries last season, Gallinari managed just 21 games in his debut season in Los Angeles, and didn’t shoot the ball particularly well when he was on the floor. A former number six draft pick, the Italian is more talented than his 78 rating would suggest, and if his body lets him, still has the ability to be a dangerous NBA player.

Tobias Harris, PF, 82

Age: 26

Position: PF

Height: 6’8’’

Playstyle: Stretch Big

Best stats: 93 Stamina, 91 Driving Layup, 86 Inside Shot

Harris is the epitome of hard work. His numbers have steadily improved throughout his seven year career, and in the 32 games he played for the Clippers after being traded alongside Bradley partway through last season, averaged career highs in points (19.3 per game), 3-point percentage (41.4%), assists (3.1 per game) and steals (1.2 per game). The best player on this team, Harris will have a huge role to play in 2018/19.

Marcin Gortat, C, 81

Age: 34

Position: C

Height: 6’11’’

Playstyle: Post Anchor

Best stats: 89 Post Defense, 84 Inside Shot, 83 Rebounding

Gortat’s numbers have been suffering a steady decline in recent years, and last season managed just 8.4 points and 7.6 boards per night – his lowest numbers since the 2009/10 season. Picked up by the Clippers in an attempt to fill the void left by DeAndre Jordan’s departure, the Polish man still provides value through his experience and off-ball play, but his 81 rating is perhaps a little generous and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him struggle to make an impact this season.

NBA Live 19 Los Angeles Clippers Roster

Name OVR Position Height Playstyle Best Stats
Lou Williams 82 SG 6’2″ Wing Shooter 87 Draw Shooting Foul, 86 Driving Layup
Patrick Beverley 82 PG 6’1″ Backcourt Defender 96 On Ball Defense, 90 Speed
Avery Bradley 82 SG 6’2″ Backcourt Defender 94 Stamina, 91 On Ball Defense
Tobias Harris 82 PF 6’8″ Stretch Big 93 Stamina, 91 Driving Layup
Marcin Gortat 81 C 6’11” Post Anchor 89 Post Defense, 84 Inside Shot
Danilo Gallinari 78 SF 6’10” Wing Scorer 94 Stamina, 90 Free Throw
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 78 PG 6’6″ Slasher 90 Speed, 88 Stamina
Milos Teodosic 77 PG 6’5″ Floor General 85 Mid-Range Shot, 85 Free Throw
Mike Scott 77 PF 6’9″ Stretch Big 84 Mid-Range Shot, 80 3-point Shot
Montrezl Harrell 77 PF 6’8″ Post Anchor 83 Strength, 81 Inside Shot
Boban Marjanovic 77 C 7’3″ Rim Protector 87 Inside Shot, 79 Post Defense
Jerome Robinson 77 SG 6’5″ Slasher 85 Stamina, 83 Speed
Sindarius Thornwell 75 SG 6’5″ Backcourt Defender 80 On Ball Defense, 80 Stamina
Luc Mbah a Moute 73 SF 6’8″ Wing Scorer 87 On Ball Defense, 81 Inside Shot
Johnathan Motley 71 PF 6’9″ Playmaker 79 Mid-Range Shot, 79 Speed
Tyrone Wallace 66 PG 6’5″ Floor General 80 Stamina, 80 Speed


Have a look at all the plays you can run with this Clippers team with their full playbook, listed below.

Play Name Play Type
PG Horns Slot Pick and Roll
PG Horns Twist Pick and Roll
PG 41 Strong High Angle Pick and Roll
PG 41 Strong Reverse Through Ram Pick and Roll
PG 41 High Angle Pick and Roll
PG Pistol Up Pick and Roll
PG 41 Weak Angle Pick and Roll
PG 41 High Double Drag Pick and Roll
PG 14 High Al Ram Pick and Roll
PG Jungle Zip Mix High Pick and Roll
PG Horns Mix Elbow Pick and Roll
SF 41 Strong Reverse Get Pick and Roll
SF 41 Reverse Get Pick and Roll
SF 14 High Cross Mix Pick and Roll
PG 41 Strong Reverse Curl Pin Screen
PG Horns Flex Down Screen
PG Horns Flare Screen
PG 41 High Reverse Stagger Through Pin Screen
SG Horns Pin Screen
SG Horns Double Screen
SG 41 Strong Reverse Stagger Screen
SG 41 Strong Pitch Reverse Slip Pin Screen
SG Floppy Double Screen
SG Floppy Single Screen
SG 41 Strong Pin Slip Mix Pin Screen
SG Horns Curl Mix Down Screen
SG Horns Curl Slice Pin Screen
SG 41 High Reverse Stagger Screen
SG Horns Slip Pin Elevator Screen
SG/PF Floppy Double Option Screen
SF 14 Low Slip Pin Screen
PF Floppy Curl Single Screen
C 41 Strong Reverse Flex Down Screen
C 41 Strong Pitch Shallow Reverse Down Screen
SG 41 Strong Reverse Flex Postup
SF 41 Low Quick Post Postup
PF Horns Pop Entry Postup
PF 41 Strong Pitch Reverse Cross Postup
PF Jungle Stagger Seal Postup
C 41 Strong Pitch Shallow Reverse Cross Postup
C 41 Strong Reverse Wing Entry Postup
C 41 Strong Pitch Entry Postup
C 41 Weak Quick Wing Entry Postup
C 41 Quick Entry Postup
C 41 Reverse Wing Entry Postup
C 41 Weak Reverse Through Double Cross Postup
C Horns Hi Lo Postup