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13 Oct 2018

NBA Live 19: Best Rim Protector Build and Traits

If you love dominant defensive big men, NBA Live 19's The One career mode enables you to create your very own. In The One, you can create a player exactly as you like, and be able to lead him or her through an illustrious career. To get started, simply click on the far right box on the main screen, which says 'character select'.

A bunch of different playing styles will then pop up; to create your defensively elite big, select Rim Protector. This player will start with shot block and dunk skills sitting at a 74/95 rating, while rebounding, post moves and post defense will all start at 74/88.

On top of these ratings they'll start with a couple of traits, while more can be unlocked later in the game. The first of these is ‘on a roll’, a trait which gives a slight increase to your shooting accuracy in catch and finish situations after you set a screen. The second is ‘wind sprints’, which means that you’ll get a slight reduction to fatigue when sprinting in the backcourt on a new possession. 

The next step is to choose which real life Rim Protector you want your player to most closely emulate. This is a step new to NBA Live 19, and allows you to create your player in the mold of some of the greatest players of all-time.

After you choose your gender (we’ll use male height and weight for simplicity) and Rim Protector as your play style, two icon options are presented: the Mountain - who emulates Dikembe Mutombo - and the Evolution - who emulates Anthony Davis. 

Best Rim Protector Icon

The Mountain

The Mountain’s specialized icon skill is the inside shot, and he or she will have the potential to earn boosts for their free throw, layup, passing, on-ball defense, block, vertical and stamina. You’ll also reduce the layup and inside shooting skills of your opponents whenever you’re near the paint on defense. The end product of this icon will be a dominant defensive force, providing the majority of his or her value through extremely effective defense on the inside.

The Evolution

The Evolution’s specialized icon skill is the mid-range shot. His potential skill boosts are 3-point shot, inside shot, free throw, layup, dribbling, speed vertical and stamina. You’ll also receive a boost to both mid-range and inside shooting when you get a block or successfully contest a shot. With this player, you’ll become a potent force at both ends of the floor, having a huge impact on the opposition’s ability to score on the inside while providing a dangerous offensive option at the other end.

The Evolution is the icon to go with here. If you’re a true lover of defense, then the Mountain can certainly be enjoyable, but the Evolution provides a wider array of skills to work with. Not only will he be a force at the defensive end, but he will have a shot which demands attention from the defense, the ability to put the ball on the floor, and of course, devastating finishing skills at the rack.

Best Rim Protector Build

To get the most out of the Evolution you need plenty of size, and someone standing at 210cm and weighing in at 106kg. A player of this size will provide ample deterrence for any opposition player thinking of trying to score on the inside. With a strength rating of 87, he’ll also be able to bustle his way through the interior defense, and hold his own when being posted up. With a speed rating of 68 he won’t be lightning fast across the floor and his 74 vertical isn’t elite, but at his size, neither of these drawbacks will matter too much.

To create an elite athlete, capable of dominating on defense and putting up numbers on offense, the best icon choice and build for your player is the Evolution with measurements of 210cm and 106kg. This guy will have a wide array of skills, and will be capable of having an enormous impact on any given night. Aside from his inherent defensive abilities, he’s also a multi-dimensional offensive weapon. Not an elite outside shooter by any means, but his shot is dangerous enough to warrant attention, and with his ability to put the ball on the floor and finish inside, expect plenty of opportunities to attack the close out which opponents will be forced into.

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