NBA 2K22 to keep hooping on Nintendo Switch in 2021

NBA 2K22 is ready to return to Nintendo Switch in a few short months, and we've finally learned more about this year's title.

The Nintendo Switch won't offer as many game modes as the rest of the consoles but they will have Pro Am. This is great news considering more Switch players are expected to pick up NBA 2K22.

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We've got everything you need to know about NBA 2K22 on Nintendo Switch from price to pre order and more!


LATEST - Pro Am could make a big splash on Switch

Considering the Nintendo Switch will be missing some of the new features, players might find solace in the Pro Am mode. Pro Am is one of the less popular game modes in the new consoles but will give Switch players a unique experience.

Knowing this NBA 2K22 will likely show more love to the Pro Am mode. If they're going in with the knowledge that Switch players are interested, they could bring new features.

The holiday image of the Pro Am game mode in NBA 2K22
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SWITCH: Pro Am mode could be huge on Switch in NBA 2K22

The Pro Am game mode could give Switch players something to look forward to. Especially since the Nintendo Switch could be missing the new features being brought to other consoles

NBA 2K22 on Switch Release Date & Pre Order

NBA 2K22 on Nintendo Switch has finally been announced, and it has an official release date of September 10, 2021!

NBA 2K22 on Nintendo Switch Cover Standard Edition 75th Anniversary
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LEGENDARY: Several NBA icons graced this year's covers for Switch

Two editions of the game are available for the Nintendo Switch: the Standard Edition and the NBA 75th Anniversary Edition.

Check out where you can pre order NBA 2K22 here!


Nintendo Switch will still be current gen

Unfortunately, all of that potential will not be coming to Nintendo Switch, as it is still considered current gen and likely won't get game modes like The City this year.

However, it's possible NBA 2K22 could enhance existing modes like MyTEAM and MyPLAYER to make up for it.

Although NBA 2K's upgrades on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 are intriguing, there are still likely going to be more players on current gen. This is why 2K Sports can't afford to neglect making improvements on current gen.

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Reveal Trailer

So far, we haven't gotten any indication of what NBA 2K22 will look like on Nintendo Switch.

However, we did get the first teaser trailer for this year's game.


With no gameplay shown in this first reveal, we're hoping for more trailers and footage as we approach the release of NBA 2K22.

You can check out the latest on trailers and some behind the scenes footage with the cover athletes here.



As next gen versions of the title have much-improved graphics and exclusive features like The City, current gen will sit at its usual price.

NBA 2K22 will cost $59.99 on Nintendo Switch for the Standard Edition, and it will be $99.99 for the NBA 75th Anniversary Edition.

There is no Cross-Gen Digital Bundle for Nintendo Switch as there isn't a next gen version to upgrade, and unfortunately the Candace Parker cover for the WNBA 25th Anniversary Edition isn't available on Nintendo Switch.

NBA 2K22 will undoubtedly bring the heat on next gen

NBA 2K22 will be the first game in the franchise to simultaneously release on current gen and next gen platforms, but they did already dive into next gen last year.

When the next gen edition of NBA 2K21 was released, it brought a flurry of upgrades including MyNBA, The City, and all-new MyPLAYER builder system, and even new badges and takeovers.

NBA 2K22 next gen new features current gen PS4 Xbox One PC PS5 Xbox Series X|S
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SLAM DUNK: Next gen improvements have been a hit for those who can enjoy them

These were all big steps for what many consider to be the leading sports gaming franchise today, and there's no doubt that 2K Sports and Visual Concepts will continue to build upon that this year.


With a full development cycle that included next gen now under their belts, it's likely that we'll see more improvements to each of those features from last year and some more new upgrades.

The introduction of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S created a massive opportunity when it comes to the sheer power and technology that can be harnessed, and NBA 2K22 is sure to continue using all of that to the fullest extent.