NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Guide: How to be successful on a budget - Modes, Substitutes, Tokens, Locker Codes & more

The 2K21 year is well underway now, but MyTEAM is still in its early stages.

That means that for many, it's a case of building a team on a budget.

Here is how to do exactly that.

Know your modes

When your thinking about building your team, you need to think about which modes your going to be focusing on.

NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Limited 1 1
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LIMITED! You're budget will be stretched for the new Limited mode

If you're going to be playing a lot of 5v5 - the likes of MT Unlimited - then your going to have to stretch your budget to cover a starting lineup as well as your second string and your reserves.

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However if you're more of a Triple Threat kinda player, then you can invest more money into those higher rated players for your starting three. After all, there are no subs in Triple Threat.

Substitutes are key

Speaking of MyTEAM Unlimited, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is plunging all of your money into your starting five.

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You're going to want your starting five to be as good as it can be, that's a given. But if you overdo your starting five and leave your budget short for your subs and reserves, you're going to leave yourself in a spot of bother.

MyTEAM starting five
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BALANCED! A good starting five is key, but don't sleep on your bench!

Those substitutes won't get as many minutes as your starting five, but in those close games you need your bench to pull their weight.

Tokens are invaluable

One of the main areas to target early is the Token Market.

Grinding your way through the ranks up to the Sapphire players can take an early team up a level and give you that extra pair of hands to get you through the tough spots.

nba 2k21 triple threat prizes
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VAULT! The Triple Threat Vault hands out tokens after each game

And don't forget, tokens won't cost you a penny. You earn them simply through playing the game.

So whilst those Ruby/Sapphire players may not see much action further down the line, they will be the key men in your side through the opening few weeks of action.

Locker Codes

Similarly to tokens, Locker Codes are another great way to improve your team without spending any money.

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They give you the opportunity to pick up just about anything: players, packs, contracts, tokens etcetra.

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IDOLS MANU! Manu Ginobili is the star man in the latest Locker Code.

They may not always grant the best rewards, but absolutely anything that you can pick up for free in the early stages of MyTEAM is going to be a positive to help bulk out your club.

You can keep track of all the latest available tokens through our token guide here.

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