NBA 2K20: All of the players with the best handles in MyTeam

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Is there anything more satisfying in
basketball than breaking someone’s ankles? I think not. The same goes for NBA

Having unbelievable handles is an enormous advantage, so long as you can control them, and having a player on your MyTeam who you can rely on to embarrass people, create open shots and drives, and just have fun with, is well worth it.

Which players can do that for you? Here are
the players with the best handles in MyTeam.

Note: I am excluding the Collector Level Rewards Dwayne Wade, because he has 99 on almost everything.

Irving, Free Agents 1 (86 OVR)

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Handle: 99

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Irving is
number one of this list, and he isn’t even nearly the highest rated card
overall on this list – let alone highest rated version of himself.

Obviously his 99 ball handle stands out, but he also has 92 speed with ball, 98 shot mid, 96 driving layup and 96 hands, among many other ratings in the 90s or high 80s, this Irving card at 86 overall is ideal if you’re looking for someone to dazzle with his handles.

Of course, you’ll only have him for five
games, though.

Crawford, Triple Threat Rewards (94 OVR)

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Handle: 98

If you’re looking for the handles along
with a higher overall than Irving, this may be your guy.


The Knicks SG isn’t the same playmaker as Irving, obviously, but when it comes to combining scoring with handles Crawford is a beast. With his 93 shot close, 93 shot mid, 89 shot 3pt and 94 driving layup, Crawford’s handles will be giving him open looks for days.

Irving, Nets Moments (94 OVR)

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Handle: 98

Here he is again. However, he only has 45 more total attributes than his Free Agents card, but you will be able to use him in as many games as you want.

He still boasts 93 shot close, 89 shot 3pt, 96 driving layup, 96 hands, 90 passing accuracy and 88 speed with ball. Add that to his very impressive set of badges, including HOF Ankle Breaker, Handles for Days and Tight Handles. If you’re looking for a guy to shake defenders out of their shoes, it is hard to go anywhere but Kyrie Irving.

’00 Jason
Williams, Triple Threat Rewards (93 OVR)

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Handle: 98

White Chocolate. One of the flashiest players to play in the NBA, it should, again, be no surprise he has crazy good handles in game.

Overall he is a beast, too. 90 shot mid, 95 passing accuracy, 94 passing vision, 98 passing IQ, 98 hands, 92 pick & roll defense and 89 driving layup mean he has stand out ratings in most areas of the game. Add that to HOF Flashy Passer, Needle Threader, Pass Fake Maestro, Tight Handles and Unpluckable, and Gold Ankle Breaker among many more, White Chocolate will bring all the “oooo’s!” to your game.


’82 Isiah
Thomas, Pink Diamonds Rewards 1 (96 OVR)

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Handle: 97

By far the best overall card of this group,
he is filthy.

His 96 OVR rating is propped up by 86 inside scoring, 88 defending, 93 athleticism and 97 playmaking. 95 shot close, 94 speed, 97 passing accuracy, 97 driving layup, 99 hands, 98 shot contest and 97 driving layup are just some of his outstanding ratings that make this guy almost unguardable in the right hands.

players with the best handles

Player Position Team Program Overall Ball Handle
Kyrie IrvingPGBoston CelticsFree Agents 18699
Jamal CrawfordSGNew York KnicksTriple Threat Rewards9498
Kyrie IrvingPGBrooklyn NetsNets Moments9498
Jason WilliamsPGSacramento KingsTriple Threat Rewards9398
Isiah ThomasPGDetroit PistonsPink Diamond Rewards9697
Stephen CurryPGGolden State WarriorsFree Agents 19097
James HardenSGHouston RocketsFree Agents 18697
Jason WilliamsPGMiami HeatSpotlight Series 1: Dwayne Wade8196
Penny HardawayPGOrlando MagicGalaxy Opal Rewards9995
Calvin MurphyPGHouston RocketsDiamond Reward 19495
Tim HardawayPGMiami HeatDiamond Rewards 19495
Muggsy BoguesPGCharlotte HornetsLegacy: Series 18995
Kyrie IrvingPGBrooklyn NetsNets Heat Check8895
Kyrie IrvingPGBrooklyn Nets’20 NBA Current8895
Mark PricePGCleveland CavaliersLegacy: Showcase Series II9794
Mark PricePGCleveland CavaliersPink Diamond Rewards 19694
Magic JohnsonPGLos Angeles LakersDiamond Rewards 29594
Steve FrancisPGHouston RocketsSpotlight Elite Rewards9594
Jeremy LinPGNew York KnicksPromo Asia8894
Kemba WalkerPGBoston CelticsCeltics Heat Check8694

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