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Mobile Legends Neymar Skin: Release Date & How to Get It

Brazilian football superstar Neymar jr. will soon have a new skin in Mobile Legends, which will arrive in an upcoming event to celebrate the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Coincidentally, the skin was first shown on the Advanced server just hours after Neymar tweeted about getting the exorcist skin for Yu Zhong, and revealed he's a big fan of the game.

Here is everything we know about the newest collaboration in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends Neymar Skin REVEALED

Release Date

For the advanced server, the Neymar skin for Bruno will be available on October 22, 2022. Players can start collecting tokens from the event now.

In the standard server, Neymar's skin may arrive in the second half of November, just after the 11.11 event and the Saint Seiya Collaboration, but nothing's confirmed just yet.

How to Get the Neymar Skin

The good news for players is that Neymar's skin will be for free by completing game challenges from the event. Along with the skin, we will also obtain a particular emoticon.

Players will need ten draw times in the event to obtain the emoticon and 25 times for the Neymar skin.

Neymar skin in Mobile Legends.
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Neymar Skin in Mobile Legends new Collaboration

The event will be available for two weeks, so don't miss the opportunity of getting this new skin.

Other Mobile Legends Skin Collaborations

Neymar's skin is not the first time a sports legend has collaborated with Mobile Legends. Last year, players got a Manny Pacquiao skin for the Hero Paquito.

Mobile Legends designs certain heroes in advance of their collaborations, and they go far beyond just famous athletes. This includes others like Guinevere for King of Fighters Athena's skin and Floryn for the Hello Kitty collaboration.

Athena Asamiya skin in Mobile Legends
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Athena Asamiya skin in Mobile Legends

A Collaboration with Jujutsu Kaisen seems to also be in the making, considering that Julian, Melissa, and Xavier are very similar to the protagonists of the famous anime.

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