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WoW Shadowlands Torghast, Tower of the Damned: Release Schedule, Legendary Armor, Wings, Layers, Tarragrue & more

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is live! And with it comes some amazing new content for the game.

One new element that could be the future of WoW PVE content with Shadowlands is Torghast, Tower of the Damned.

Here's everything you should know about WoW's new roguelike dungeon.

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What is Torghast?

Torghast, Tower of the Damned is a roguelike dungeon coming to World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

WoW Shadowlands Torghast Tower of the Damned Dungeon Roguelike Jailer
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THE HALLS OF DEATH: Torghast will challenge players like no other dungeon ever has

This will be a brand new style of PVE content, which reflects a bit of Mythic+ dungeons but introduces plenty of new twists.


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For starters, players can push Torghast content to the absolute limits through its many layers, which increase in difficulty as players progress.

Torghast Release Schedule

Torghast will have different Layers must push through to progress and earn rewards.

The Torghast release schedule is:

  • November 24th (US)/November 25th (EU) - Torghast Layers 1-3 Open
  • December 8th (US)/December 9th (EU) - Torghast Layers 4-6 Open
  • December 15th (US)/December 16th (EU) - Torghast Layers 7-8 Open

After this, Torghast will no longer have any timegating involved, and players can push as far as they can go.

Legendary Armor, Weapons

Torghast will be an important part of PVE in Shadowlands, as players will need to push far in Torghast to unlock Legendary gear (weapons and armor).

Shadowlands Legendary Armor Sets Tier Torghast Runecarver
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GOALS: Shadowlands will have four sets of Legendary armor players can craft in Torghast

This is because Torghast is a repeatable source of Soul Ash, which is the currency used to create this Legendary gear.


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By completing Layers in Torghast, players will receive Soul Ash.

Deaths and The Tarragrue

Torghast, Tower of the Damned limits the number of deaths your group is allowed. It is the only limit for Torghast, so you can take your time.

WoW Shadowlands Tarragrue Torghast Deaths Boss Location
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WHAT WAS THAT NOISE: You'll face The Tarragrue if you die too many times in Torghast

That is until you reach the maximum number of deaths.


Once you reach the maximum allowed deaths, your Torghast run won't end immediately, but rather The Tarragrue will spawn. And you'll want to move fast so that it doesn't catch you.

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The Tarragrue is a giant that slowly moves from the beginning of the floor to destroy your party.

If you reach the end of the floor before The Tarragrue catches up, you'll be safe until the next death.


Torghast won't be infinite, and is instead comprised of Wings. There are six total Torghast Wings, and two will be active each week (on a rotation).

Each wing is divided into eight layers, and these layers will offer different amounts of Soul Ash for players that can survive each floor.


The Runecarver is an imprisoned soul in Torghast that can craft Legendary gear for players with the requisite materials (Soul Ash).

WoW Shadowlands Runecarver Torghast Location Soul Ash Legendary Weapons Armor Costs
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TRAPPED: The Runecarver will create Legendary items in Torghast

The Runecarver can be found in the Runecarver's Chamber which is at the entrance of Torghast.



Torghast has an extra element to help players along, another currency called Phantasma. Players earn Phantasma by killing enemies, and can spend this on augments and consumables to help your party along.

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Rewards purchased by Phantasma have a wide range of effects, including maximum health buffs, potions, damage buffs, and even the ability to remove a death from your counter.

Anima Orbs, Powers

Anima Orbs are another way players can get an edge in Torghast.

Shadowlands Anima Powers Torghast Orbs
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CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE: Anima Powers offer players random selections of improvements to strengthen your Torghast group

Players can find these Anima Orbs throughout Torghast runs spawning in random locations.


Once activated, Anima Orbs give players choices between several different random Anima Powers.

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These powers will give big buffs to your party, so you'll want to seek these out when you can, even if they're heavily guarded.

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