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24 Nov 2020

WoW Shadowlands Character Not Found Message - How to Fix, Updates, Server Issues & more

Many Shadowlands players are stuck looking at a screen with the message "Character not found".

WoW Shadowlands character not found message servers log in fix update
ERROR, ERROR: WoW Shadowlands Character not found messages are ruining launch for many players

This error message seems to be the most common server issue for WoW Shadowlands.

Blizzard haven't given public common on the Character not found message, or what players can do to fix the problem.

WoW Shadowlands cant log in server issues cant see characters
WHERE ARE THEY?: WoW Shadowlands servers aren't lying, it seems some characters are not found

For now, players will just have to continue trying to log into Shadowlands despite these errors in hopes to get in.

With many other technical issues happening with Shadowlands launch, players will just have to hope they get lucky until Blizzard comments on the issue.

As this is a breaking story, it'll be updated as news arrives.