Which Biomutant Class Should You Pick?

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In Biomutant, your choices matter. One of the most important is the earliest you get to make, your class choice.

Table of Contents

If you want to be as informed as possible before you go in, this is what you need to know, split up by class.

Which Biomutant Class Should You Pick?

Below, we'll run you through each of the classes in Biomutant, looking at how they play and what their strengths are.


The Dead-Eye class is one suited to someone who wants to do a little shooting and a little melee. Although it favours ranged, it's well balanced and pretty good for both.


Its starting perk is Perfect Reload which allows you to time an instant reload, much like Gears of War's reload system, to get a little extra damage on the next mag. If you want a mix but a little more range, this is your class.



If you want to take on enemies from range, this is your class. The Commando gets an extra 10% ranged damage and a cool Rambo style look.

You will want to pair this with a breed for ranged combat and maybe work on your barter to take those outposts with ease.


This is your mage class. Psi is how you use magic in Biomutant and it does it well. This might take a while to really heat up as you unlock your Psi abilities but it has a few perks to help you out there.

This class comes with a Spark Ball, a beginner's magic ability that throws an electric ball at enemies. It also comes with the Megamind ability that increases Ki Energy regen, the stat used to cast your magic.



If you like the rogue, this is your choice. The Saboteur comes with extra affinity for melee weapons and its perks help it move much faster.

Twin Silver Grip allows you to dual wield melee weapons for more damage and special combos. Its Hypergenetic perk reduces dodge costs by 20%, allowing you to jump around the arena even more. If you like melee and want to be especially quick, pick this class.


This is the tank class. With a focus on armor, vitality, and blunt melee weapons, this is used to run into areas and withstand as much damage as possible.

Its toughness perk gives an extra 10 to base armour, making you extra tough. You can even gain abilities that help you out against ranged attacks, the bane of a tank. If you want to go in and smash stuff, this is your choice.



This class is only accessible by preordering the game but it does offer a fun experience. This is essentially your DPS. With a focus on Melee but also an ability in guns, he can dole out plenty of punishment.

His Twin Silver Grip perk allows the dual-wielding of melee weapons and fury gives a 10% buff to melee damage. If you plan on attacking and dodging a bunch, pick this one.