What to expect from Valorant Episode 2 Act 3

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Valorant launched last year to instant success, adding yet another popular esports title to Riot's portfolio.

Blending the FPS mechanics of CS:GO and the magic and lore of League of Legends, the game has an ever-growing player base and a very active esports scene.

Table of Contents

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Episode 2 Act 3.


Episode 2 Act 3 Release Date

Episode 2 Act 3 is due to launch on April 21st.

Act 2 is scheduled to end on April 20th and Riot Games has always started the next Act immediately after.

Patch Notes

Each new update brings patch notes with it.

However, we are still a while off from the release of Episode 2 Act 3 so we won't get the patch notes for a few weeks yet.

Once they're released we will add them here.



We can expect a new trailer for Episode 2 Act 3 and will be released closer to the start of the new Act.

Battle Pass

Each Battle Pass for Valorant costs 1,000 Valorant Points, so we can expect the same to be the case here.


With every Battle Pass comes new rewards.

Once the new Battle Pass is released we will know what rewards are on offer, but we can expect.

  • Gun Buddies
  • Sprays
  • Weapon Skins
  • Variants

New Map Leaked

According to Valorant Leaks, the name for the brand new map will be called Breeze.

This doesn't give us any information as to what the map could be like, but as we get closer to the launch of Act 3 we should start finding out more.


New Agents

So far we have seen a new character added with each Act, so we expected a new one in Act 3.

We don't have much information yet, but a new tease from @Valorleaks could hint at the new Agent.

New Maps

A new map could be coming in Act 3 as it has been revealed that three new maps are currently in development.


New Modes


In the recent weeks, Riot Games has been working on new modes which would make each match much shorter.

It is possible that we will see some of them released in Act 3, but no official confirmation has been given at this time.

Levelling System

@ValorantLeaks has also revealed that a new levelling system could be coming with Act 3.

These will be in the form of coloured borders and will display what level each player is at.