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*UPDATED* UFC 4 Trailer: Release Date, Features, Secrets & more

UFC 4 is on the way, with EA dropping the trailer as part of UFC 251.

UFC 4 Trailer

Trailer Secrets

Did you catch them this time? We told you they were fast! Let's take a look at some of the secrets you may have missed.

Bruce Lee

Just like the man himself, the footage of Bruce Lee in UFC 4 was so fast you could barely see it!

Thankfully, we've caught a screenshot below for you to check out.

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LEGEND: The iconic martial artist appears to be performing one of his signature strikes

For fans of Bruce Lee, parallels between this strike and his famous 'one-inch punch' will surely be made. Who knows, perhaps we'll see this as a special move exclusive to him!

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It looks like Bruce Lee will be playable, as he was in UFC 3, and we can't wait to see how his iconic fighting style is represented in the game.

Kimbo Slice

Kevin Ferguson AKA Kimbo Slice, was a mixed martial artist who rose to fame from 'mutual combat street fights'.

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SLICE OF THE ACTION: The mixed martial artist looks set to be playable in the game

The ultimate brawler went on to fight in the UFC as a heavyweight. In the small piece of footage in the trailer, we see Kimbo Slice deliver a crushingly powerful blow.

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If we had to bet on it, we think he's going to be a great choice to deliver a huge amount of damage to your opponent.

'Kick-Boxer' Inspired Arena & Outfits

This one isn't as much of a secret in the UFC 4 trailer, but for any Jean Claude Van Damme fans out there, the Kumite Arena and outfits may look familiar to you?

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YOU ARE READY! Do battle in style with the Kumite Customisation pack

The arena looks to be inspired by the cult classic martial arts film - Kick Boxer. The final fight is set in similar arena, with both fighters wearing the hardcore rope wraps!

And this is all available in the Kumite Customisation Pack, which includes Gladiator Shorts, Cobra Shirt, Rope Gloves, Cobra Mask and a Kumite Necklace.


If you want to guarantee you get this pack from day 1, you'll want to check out the pre-order bonuses that come with the game.

They also include Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua as playable fighters from the go!

UFC 4 is going to be available on 14 August 2020. For everything from gameplay to whether it'll head to next-gen - be sure to check back in with us.

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