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Steam Winter Sale 2021: Best Deals, Cheap Games & More

It's that time of the year again where your wallets are under fire from the Steam Winter Sale. While many people are of the opinion it's been a slightly lacklustre year for the industry overall with fewer new releases, Steam will ensure that a variety of games from recent releases to classics are on offer.

Here are some of the best deals on offer that will last through until January 5th...

Deathloop - 50% Off

A game that so many outlets have classified as their Game of the Year, Deathloop is one of the few true next-gen experiences released so far.

Coming from Arkane Lyon, their heritage with games like this is strong and for fans of Dishonored, it's a must-play. It's easily one of the headline deals of the Steam Winter Sale.

Death Stranding - 70% Off

To think you can grab a Hideo Kojima experience like Death Stranding for next to nothing is unreal. It was initially a PlayStation exclusive but is now available on PC.

death stranding steam sale
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If you're looking for a game with a heavy narrative direction but with gameplay that can keep you occupied for tens of hours, Death Stranding is well worth picking up.

The Dark Pictures Triple Pack - 55% Off

It's not often that you'll be afforded the opportunity to grab three brilliant takes for just over £/$30 but with the Dark Pictures Triple Pack, you can do just that. Included is Man of Medan, Little Hope and House of Ashes.

You can catch up on the entire series so far before the Season 1 finale early in 2022. These games are great as a solo adventure or as a party game as you and your friends determine the fate of the characters on-screen.

Sniper Elite Collection - 80% Off

Everything we said about the value for money that The Dark Pictures Collection was, double it for this Sniper Elite bundle. You can grab the entire Sniper Elite franchise for 80% off, around £/$20!

These games are among the most underrated shooters in the genre today and allow you to take a unique approach to every mission. Full stealth or full mayhem, the choice is yours.

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