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Sniper Elite 5: Complete Mission List

Rebellion's WWII adventure Sniper Elite 5 has finally been released on Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well as PC storefronts. In it, you once again take control of OSS Karl Fairburne on his journey across a war-torn Europe, taking down the various Axis forces one gruesome kill-cam at a time with his trusty sniper rifle.

Sniper Elite 5 sees Fairburne taking on a German-occupied France and features a total of ten missions full to the brim with various high-ranking officers and soldiers for players to systematically take out one at a time without being detected. Here's the full list of missions currently in the game.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission List

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In the base game of Sniper Elite 5, there are nine playable missions for you to explore. These missions are:

  • The Atlantic Wall
  • Occupied Residence
  • Spy Academy
  • War Factory
  • Festung – Guernsey
  • Libération
  • Secret Weapons
  • Rubble And Ruin
  • Loose Ends
A promotional screenshot for the Sniper Elite 5 Mission "Wolf Mountain" which can be added to the mission list via DLC
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On top of these nine missions that take the player all across France (and Guernsey), there is also a tenth mission that is only available via DLC. This mission is known as "Wolf Mountain".

The latest in Sniper Elite's line of "Target Führer" missions will task Karl Fairburne with Eliminating "Herr Wolf" by infiltrating the Berghof mountain retreat in the Bavarian Alps as enlisted by the British assassination plot Operation Foxley. This level features a variety of different methods and challenges for taking out your target, making for a highly replayable level which can be played either solo or with a friend via online co-op.

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