Should we be worried about Hogwarts Legacy?

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It's actually pretty disappointing to see the state that Hogwarts Legacy finds itself in at the moment after having so much promise during its initial reveal. First, there were issues with whether or not the game had any ties to J.K. Rowling before it was revealed that key staff themselves had some unacceptable anti-trans views.

We then got news of a delay that would take the game from a broad 2021 release window into 2022. This has since been disputed and it's now believed that 2023 is the targeted year but the studio has denied this. Should we be worried about the lack of communication and general updates surrounding Hogwarts Legacy?

Where's the news?

For what we're expecting will be a major game release given how well produced the initial reveal was, why is everything so quiet when it comes to Hogwarts Legacy?

We understand that with the turmoil they endured early on, perhaps developer Avalanche Studios believe it's better to wait until they have something truly worth talking about. That being said, in order the keep interest high, we really need to start hearing more about the game, even a Dev Diary will do!

Hogwarts legacy trailer screenshot
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The only update we've had came buried within a Wizarding World article where it was reiterated that the game will release in 2022. The game's website is also very basic with just a small FAQ section and a trailer that you can watch.

There is also the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter but updates are no more frequent when you sign up.

We can only hope that as we enter a busy period for gaming in 2022, an update, no matter how small, will be provided. As it looks more and more likely that E3 2022 might not take place in any form, there will only be so many opportunities to make a big splash.

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We were even more surprised that the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone (the movie) can with a ton of pomp and circumstance yet nothing about Hogwarts Legacy.

We'll stay optimistic for as long as we can but we're hoping to hear something soon. God forbid the game does release in 2022 but doesn't get the build-up it needs which then has a negative effect on sales.