Riders Republic Trial Week: Start Time, How to access and more

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We've now seen some betas for Riders Republic but players are still waiting to try the full game themselves. This is where the Riders Republic Trial Week comes in. If you're looking for an excuse to try before you buy, this is what you should know.

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Latest - Trial starts next week

Being announced over a year ago, it's finally almost time to give Riders Republic a go again. Intended as a way to give players the chance to try it themself, you can play the game for 4 hours for free.

The trial weeks starts next Thursday.

Riders Republic Trial Week Start Time & Date


The Riders Republic trial week allows you to test the full game before it releases on October 28. It'll give you a good idea of whether you enjoy the extreme sports gameplay and hectic mass races.

riders republic trial week
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The Riders Republic Trial Week begins at 4am ET / 8am BST on October 21 and ends at the same time on October 27, the day before the full game releases.


If it is extended or cut short for any reason, we'll be sure to let you know.

How to Access the Test

Thankfully, you don't need to have pre ordered Riders Republic to get access to the trial week, nor do you need to have played the beta. To get access, just follow these instructions:

On consoles, you can find it in your console’s store by searching for “Riders Republic Trial Week” and download it for free. On PC, you can find it on the Epic Games Store store by searching for “Riders Republic Trial Week” and download it for free. You can also play via Ubisoft Connect PC. On Stadia, similarly you will be able to search for “Riders Republic Trial Week” on the Stadia store and download it for free.

You'll then be able to jump in as soon as it is live, there's no other pre-registration necessary.

How Long You Can Play For

The Riders Republic trial isn't an unlimited one, however. You'll only be able to play the game for four hours before you'll be locked out.

To continue, you'll need to purchase the full game once it is out.

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Does Progression Carry Over

Thankfully, though, any progress you do make in those four hours of playtime will carry over to the full game. There is just one requirement.

You'll need to "use the same Ubisoft Connect account during the Trial Week and to play the final game."

Riders Republic Trial Download Size

Finally, we also know the full download size of the Riders Republic Trial. It will come in at roughly 23GB, with that changing slightly depending on the platform you're on.

While it's not been confirmed, that may indicate that the full game will be about that size once it is released.