22 Sep 2021 10:57 AM +00:00

Here's every New World Server and Game World available at launch

New World from Amazon Game Studios is nearing release so it's time to get prepared with your launch day plans. It doesn't matter whether you're jumping in with friends or looking to make some within the game, you'll need to have a plan of action.

Here's everything you need to know about New World's server locations and game worlds ahead of launch.

New World Server Locations

At launch, there will be five total server locations in place for New World. These are NA East, NA West, Central Europe, Australia, and South America. These are fairly standard locations except for maybe an Asian location being the obviously missing piece.


This could be because of the popularity of the game in the area or because Amazon feels like the Australia server will be sufficient, to begin with. For anyone unaware of how server location may affect performance, you always want to choose the closest server to avoid issues with ping/lag.

That's not to say choosing a server in NA West will be problematic if you live in Europe, but it certainly increases the chances of a diminished experience.

Game Worlds

Central Europe and NA East will house the most game worlds, to begin with. There will be fifty-four game worlds in NA East and sixty-three in Europe. Australia is the smallest server with just eleven game worlds at launch.


You can set up with friends to make sure you all join the same server on launch day so you can group up and play together. New World has confirmed that some servers will have suggested languages to help players decide where to play.

Beyond this, no game worlds will initially be marked as PvP/PvE preference or Role-Playing which has been disappointing news for some. This could be added in at a later date, however.