Mobile Legends Skins Are Getting Big Improvements

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Mobile Legends is approaching some big changes with Project NEXT!

Here's everything you need to know about what Project NEXT is bringing to the table for Mobile Legends skins and UI changes.

Mobile Legends Project NEXT

Right after the launch of their 100th hero, in September 2020, Moonton presented Project NEXT. Initiated by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), developers looked into improving old heroes with kits that were outdated.

The project also gives a fresh look to the interface, graphics, and simplification of game mechanics. This includes improvements for servers and the always controversial matchmaking.

The second phase called Project Next 2021 started in June of the same year, where the first big update was the release of "awakening", the revamp of Karina, Alpha, Minotaur, and Sun.

The next update in Project Next 2021 focuses in changes on the battlefield, with the introduction of a new roam and jungle system. As well as three new items: War Axe (Physical DMG), Shadow Twinblades (Magic DMG), and Radiant Armor (Magic Defense)

At the same time MLBB, took the opportunity to present the skin remodel of the Saber Squad, the first series that was introduced in the game. The skins received new animations, improved visual effects, and skills.

The Saber Squad: Johnson (Tank) Rafaela (Support), Cyclops (Mage), Layla (Marksman), and Saber (Assassin)

UI and Skin Updates

Also with this version players will be able to customize the Battlefield UI, Spawn Recall, Emotes, and Elimination Effects.

We are just enjoying the changes of Project Next 2021, while developers continue to sustain the hype with the announcement of the third phase, to be released on "September 2021". With this comes the revamp of 4 all time favorites heroes: Lancelot, Odette, Kagura, and Hayabusa.

After so many leaks and rumors, the changes of the main screen are here. The new version will have the Land of Dawn (The fictional location were Mobile Legends battles take place) as background image. The scenery will change based on your phone clock, so the background will turn to nighttime if your clock strikes dusk.

The new main screen of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is expected to look less cluttered for the next patch update
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WHAT A BEAUTY: This is what the main screen will be looking like soon

The main screen will have a cleaner aspect, leaving behind the cluttered version, especially when many events are taking place at the same time. We can't contain our excitement for the new episode of Project Next!

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