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Lost Ark Release COUNTDOWN: Release Date, Time & Founder's Pack

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Being a huge MMORPG in Korea, it's starting to look like Lost Ark will also absolutely blow up with its Western launch! it's had a pretty big headstart with a handful of well-received betas and hundreds of thousands of players ready to get into its servers with Early Access.

Following up Amazon Games' other MMORPG New World, this promises to be a little different. Here's what we know so far

Latest - Full release Tomorrow

Now that Early Access is underway, we're looking towards the official full release of Lost Ark. This is on Friday, 11 February.

You can pre-load the game on steam in preparation for the launch which is highly advised as the file is around 80GB.

Early Access has begun

If you are lucky enough to have any of the founder's packs, you will get access to Lost Ark starting today. Pre-download is available right now but you don't have the ability to make your character or choose your name in advance.

Get the game downloaded and ready for the big day right now.

Lost Ark Early Access

While Lost Ark won't release until Friday, 11 February, there is a way to start playing from Tuesday, 8 February instead! To do this, you will need to purchase any of the Lost Ark Founder's Packs on Steam. There are four in total to choose from;

  • Bronze Founder's Pack - £13.20 / $14.99
  • Silver Founder's Pack - £21.00 / $24.99
  • Gold Founder's Pack - £42.99 / $49.99
  • Platinum Founder's Pack - £87.99 / $99.99
lost ark founders packs
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Each one of the above packs comes with the Head Start item included, this is what will entitle you to three days of early access playtime.

Each pack contains some basic items like a pet, aura and in-game title. If you are willing to spend the big bucks on the Platinum Pack, you'll be set to purchase just about anything from the in-game store as well as have access to a ton of content that unlocks once your character hits certain level milestones.

Alternatively, if you don't wish to pay anything for the game ahead of launch, it will be free-to-play from Friday, 11 February. These founders packs just offer fans of Lost Ark a way to jump in early and possibly boost their accounts to a similar level that their alternative region accounts were at.

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