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Is Sniper Elite 5 Single Player?

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The WWII adventures of OSS Karl Fairburne take us into a war-torn France in Rebellion's upcoming Sniper Elite 5. Releasing on May 26th 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series S|X and PC: Sniper Elite 5 aims to go even bigger than past titles.

While the series is known for its grotesque kill cams and silly multiplayer antics of sniping bad guys, past entries have also given the option of playing the game solo. So does Sniper Elite 5 do the same? Here's everything we know.

Does Sniper Elite 5 Have A Single Player Mode?

Sniper Elite 5 does continue the trend of allowing for co-op, 1v1 and even 16-player PVP action, going as far as introducing cross play into the mix for those wanting to play with friends on other platforms. Improvements to the co-op gameplay have been implemented also, including the sharing of ammo, health and the ability to give orders to one another

Sniper Elite 5 singleplayer gameplay
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Despite this, the game is perfectly playable in single player, with a brand new and expanded campaign taking place in a German-controlled France, the story follows OSS Karl Fairburne as he once again snipes his way through high-ranking officials of the Axis forces.

The single player levels consist of multiple real-world locations that have been recreated with photogrammetry for a maximum sense of immersion while exploring the various levels.

The single player campaign is no different to the multiplayer available, with no massive changes being made to the story or gameplay outside of the additional co-op elements previously mentioned meaning when you pick up Sniper Elite 5, you'll be able to have a good time taking down the bad guys alone or with a friend.

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