Is Epic Games Store down? Latest Server Status Report, Official Statement, & Log-In Issues

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Amazon Web Services are under fire again and it looks like there's another set of outages spreading across the web. Fortnite and the Epic Games Store are both suffering and we have the latest information for you below.

Epic Games Store DOWN - What we know

If you're struggling to log into the Epic Games Store - or if there's a purchase not processing properly - you're not alone. It looks like the Epic Games Store is going through a bit of a rough patch. This appears to be related to Amazon Web Services, a system that supports things like Twitch, PlayStation Plus, and Xbox Live too.

Epic Games has tweeted the following statement in reports to issues with the Epic Games Store:

" Internet services outages are currently impacting the Epic Games Store, affecting logins, library, purchases, etc. We are monitoring the situation and we will update you when the issue is resolved."

There's no word on whether this is a contained outage or if it will spread - it comes just days after a short outbreak that hit all of the aforementioned services for a short period of time.

We should know more soon, but for now, keep an eye on DownDetector - a system that monitors the status of several online services - and the Epic Games Store's social media accounts. With any luck, this should be sorted out by the time the next free game from Epic Games is released on the Epic Games Store - at the moment, Second Extinction (Early Access) is up for grabs.

It's not the best free game we've ever seen, but there are leaks out there to suggest that things are about to get a lot better. Vampyr, Prey, and Mutant Year Zero are all rumoured to be coming in the next few days.