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Is Clash of Clans Shutting Down in 2022?

Clash of Clans is one of the biggest mobile games in the world and has been for some time. Despite this incredible growth, many are wondering "Is Clash of Clans Shutting Down in 2022?" Here's what you should know.

Latest - Hasn't shut down yet

Now that December is finally done, Clash of Clans is still going strong. It seems likely that the team are working towards the next big event.

We'll update you right here if something else comes out.

Is Clash of Clans shutting down in 2022?

The short answer is no, Clash of Clans does not appear to be shutting down in 2022. It seems the team have plans to keep the game updated for years to come. They are constantly launching new clans games, updates and so much more. Both its profitability and dedication suggests it won't shut down soon.

The Clash universe is only getting bigger. It wouldn't make sense to end its biggest game so soon. It may take a little bit of a backseat to others but it seems very unlikely that it will just end.

Why might it shut down?

It seems likely that many believe it may shut down due to the fact they are ending support on devices lower than iOS 11 and Android 5.0. This means that, if you're still lagging behind, you may need to upgrade your phone to stay up to date with the game.

This is an unfortunate but necessary moment in a game's life. As it continues to grow and get much bigger, it will occasionally need to leave behind devices that simply can't handle it anymore. This is an important sign for the future.

What would the team do next?

Clash of Clans is just one of many games in the Clash universe. If this ended up shutting down, they would likely just put more resources into a similar project. Perhaps, they would work on a new game type with the same graphical style.

This would allow the team to try something new.

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