Half-Life Alyx Gameplay: Graphics, Oculus Quest, VR, PC requirements more

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Half-Life: Alyx is primed to launch on 23 March 2020, and with it requiring a VR headset, lots of players may consider a hardware purchase.

Half-Life: Alyx will launch next year, find out when here.

Look away now console fans - there's nothing confirmed for you. Alyx seems, for the immediate future anyway, to be a PC exclusive.

Those of you wondering what will the gameplay be like - we've got some answers for you.

Continue reading for all the information.

VR Gameplay

The gold standard is Valve’s own Index, with its high-end construction and unique controllers — but that requires a lot of setup and a lot of money. 

The cheaper alternative is the Oculus Quest, which can now be tethered to a PC — but it’s got simpler controllers and a front-heavy design. 

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Valve recently invited Tested founders Will Smith and Norman Chan to play a few hours of the upcoming game on a bunch of different PC VR headset systems.

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FOR THE RESISTANCE: Half-Life: Alyx will see you help the resistance battle the Combine on the streets of city 17

These included the Index, the Quest, the Oculus Rift S, the first-generation Vive, and the newer HTC Vive Cosmos. 

The systems handle simple actions like walking, reloading weapons, and using gravity gloves to move objects, in various different ways.

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The Index controllers, as expected, seemed like the best way to play. 

A lot of game elements apparently involve throwing, and since the Index controllers are strapped to your hands, you can completely release your grip like you would with a real object. 


So for those of you who are interested in committing to Half-Life's VR exclusive dream, we would advise that you start testing out different hardware and finding what suits your playstyle best.

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