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Is the Yuffie DLC coming to the FF7 Remake on PS4?

PlayStation's recent State of Play presentation was brilliant for Final Fantasy 7 Remake fans as a new Yuffie DLC and PS5 version of the game was announced.

Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade is due to launch in the summer and features 4K Visuals, solid 60 FPS gameplay, and a whole host of new gameplay content to go along with it.

Despite all this, the biggest highlight of the whole thing was the introduction of Yuffie and confirmation that she was getting her own story segments in the Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade release.

However, is this Yuffie DLC coming to FF7R on PS4? Here's what we know.

FF7R Yuffie DLC

The Yuffie DLC is not coming to the current version of the FF7R on PS4 consoles.

This is mainly because Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is releasing exclusively on next-gen consoles and this is a major part of the content coming.

FF7R Yuffie DLC PS4 Intergrade Cloaked
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INTERGRADE - Everyone's favourite Ninja is exclusive to the PS5 upgrade

This is a shame considering the difficulty many people are having making the jump from the PS4 to the PS5 at the moment, but it is also a decision that could be turned around by Square Enix in the future.


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The Yuffie DLC is also a standalone paid DLC and not technically part of the Intergrade update coming to current owners for free on June 10th.

If you want to wait though, the Yuffie DLC will be included in a bundle on launch.

PS Plus March 2021

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is free on PS Plus for March 2021 if you are interested though.

PS Plus March 2021 Yuffie DLC FF7R
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FREE - Four games are up for grabs in March 2021's PS Plus line-up

It joins Farpoint, Remnant: From The Ashes, and Maquette in a bumper month of free content.


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What's interesting though is the fact that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake's free PS5 upgrade ISN'T available if you acquire the game through PS Plus.

Although, if it's as good as they say... It might be worth the money anyway.