Far Cry 6: Can you switch between first and third person view?

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Far Cry 6, like previous Far Cry games, is huge and expansive with tonnes of activities to do and new missions to take part in. Alongside this comes a brand new customization feature and new gear. For this reason, you may wonder how you can actually see yourself. Here's how 3rd person mode works in Far Cry 6.

Can you play Far Cry 6 in third person?

The answer to this is... kind of? There are third person modes that activate under certain parameters but you can't play the full game in the third person.

The game is an FPS after all, letting players play the entire game in third person would ruin plenty of its design choices.


When is Far Cry 6 in third person?

Far Cry 6 can only be played in third person when you're in a camp. From here, you can choose upgrades or buy new weapons.

This allows you to check out your character and explore the base but not much more. Maybe we could see a dedicated mode in future installments of the franchise.

When is Far Cry in first person?

Far Cry 6 is in first person for the majority of the game. Shooting, driving and all cutscenes are designed to be experienced through the eyes of Dani. Like previous games, you get a real feel for them as a character by living their life for a while.

Far Cry 6 should take you dozens of hours to finish so it makes sense to see the world through their eyes. Perhaps, in third person, it would be a little closer to Assassin's Creed, The Division or some other Ubisoft titles.

Part of what makes Far Cry special is its perspective. Its villains and unique locations also add tonnes to the experience.