Far Cry 6 Voice Actors: Full List & Previous Roles

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Far Cry 6 is finally here and we're now all jumping on to see what Yara has to offer. While you're playing, you will probably wonder who plays each of the characters. Here is everything you need to know about the Far Cry 6 voice actors and what their previous roles were.

Far Cry 6 Voice Actors

Anton Castillo Voice Actor - Giancarlo Esposito

Far Cry is made so special due to its enthralling villains. Luckily, this year, we have a great one. The brutal dictator Anton Castillo is played by Giancarlo Esposito

anton castillo Far Cry 6
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Giancarlo is a huge name, having played Gus Fring in Breaking Bad, Jack Baer is The Usual Suspects, Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian and far too many other roles to name. Check out his IMDB right here for more.

Diego Castillo Voice Actor - Anthony Gonzalez

Just like the game itself, Diego's Voice Actor also has an impressive resume. One scroll through his work shows the role of Miguel in Coc, Oscar in Icebox and Simon Barros in The Last Ship.

Diego Catillo Far Cry 6, voice actors
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With the acclaim of Far Cry, this will only get more impressive with time.

Female Dani Rojas Voice Actor - Nisa Gunduz

Giving the option to play Dani as male or female allows for a lot of depth in the story. This is part of what Nisa Gunduz offers.

Dani Rojas Far Cry 6
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You can hear her voice as Kayla in Designated Survivor, Esi in Bordello or Erica Delgadillo in Good Witch.

Male Dani Rojas - Sean Rey

Being Dani Rojas' male counterpart, Sean Rey is an experienced actor with more than half a decade of well-known roles.

Dani Rojas Far Cry 6, voice actors
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If you recognise his voice, it's likely because you've seen him play the role of Charlie in Rev, Frizz in Hemlock Grove or Daniel in Norte.

Juan Cortez Voice Actor - Alex Fernandez

Juan Cortez's voice actor, Alex Fernandez, has worked on tonnes of games throughout his time as an actor. If you recognise him, it's likely as the role of Abel in The Walking Dead, Magnus in Brutal Legend and Carlito Keyes in Dead Rising.

Juan Cortez Far Cry 6, voice actors
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Take a scroll through his work to find tonnes of roles.

Clara Garcia Voice Actor - Jess Salgueiro

Clara Garcia, the revolutionary you meet early on in Far Cry 6, gives a terrific performance.

Clara Garcia Far Cry 6
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Played by Jess Salgueiro, you may have seen here as Robin in The Boys, Chandra Wei in The Expanse or as Mary-Anne in Letterkenny

Philly Barzaga Voice Actor - Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz

Meeting him pretty early on, you may be familiar with Philly Barzaga. You may know his voice actor, Manuel Rodriguez-Saenz.

If so, you may know him as Santiago Morales in A Brand New You, Diego in Manhattan Undying or as an extra in Shazam!

Camila Montero Voice Actor - Shakira Barrera

Played by Shakira Barrera, Camila Montero is a pretty important character early on in Far Cry 6.

You may know her as Yolanda Rivas in Netflix's Glow, Young Camila in Queen of the South or Heidi in Shameless.

Yelena Morales Voice Actor - Sara Garcia

Yelena Morales is pretty important to the story so it's good they have an equally important actor.

You may recognise Sara Garcia for her role as Alexa Rivera in The Flash, Keira in Reign or Miri in X Company.

Carlos Montero Voice Actor - Conrad Pla

Conrad Pla, Carlos Montero's voice actor has been acting for well over a decade and has some odd appearances under his name.

He played the role of Captain Bowen in 2008's Max Payne movie, Vargas in Riddick and Ortiz in 16 Blocks.

More Credits:

  • Alejandro Montero - Jason Canela
  • Miquel Delgado - Lindsay Owen-Pierre
  • General Jose Castillo - Erik Valdez
  • Paolo de la Vega - Xavier Lopez
  • Talia Benavidez - Mercedes Morris
  • Paz 'Bicho' Duarte - Lincoln A. Castellanos
  • Bembe Alvarez - Christian Ochoa
  • Matias Alonso - Shawn Baichoo
  • Maria Marquessa - Nicola Correia-Damude
  • Dr Edgar Ramirez - Paulino Nunes

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