Far Cry 6: Download Size, How to Preload ahead of launch

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The waiting is finally over, Far Cry 6 is just some hours away. Ubisoft has set player expectations quite high with an impressive advertising campaign, lead by the actor GIancarlo Esposito - and it's almost time to see it in action!

While we are counting the hours down, players can start cleaning some space and preloading the game. Here are the details for how to preload Far Cry 6 and its download size.


Released Date

Far Cry 6 is being released on Thursday, 7 October and will unlock at midnight worldwide. This means that as soon as it hit midnight in your region, you can start playing.

Download Size

Ubisoft Far Cry 6 file size is:

  • PlayStation 4 - 39 GB
  • Xbox One Xbox - 39 GB
  • Xbox Series X/S - 50 GB
  • PlayStation 5 - 54.58 GB
  • PC - 60 GB

PlayStation 5 and PC can download an additional 37 GB for the HD Texture Pack.

Preload scheduled

The preload schedule will work similar to the Launch of the game, starting at midnight, however by the time we are writing this note.

Players from all regions can start downloading the file for Far Cry 6 in Ubisoft Connect, Epic Games Store, Stadia, PSN Store, and Xbox. Far Cry 6 will be part of Ubisoft+


Players can order now Far Cry 6, here is a list of the different editions and prices. The game Season Pass is available right now as well.


Standard Edition

  • Price: £59.99 | €69.99 | $69.99 (Current Gen and Next Gen)

Gold Edition

  • Price: £79.99 | €99.99 | $99.99 (Current Gen and Next Gen)

Ultimate Edition

  • Price: £89.99 | €119.99 | $119.99 (Current Gen and Next Gen)

Collector's Edition

  • Price: £179.99 | €199.99 | $199.99 (Current Gen and Next Gen)

The Gold, Ultimate, and Collector's Edition will include the Season Pass that is bringing past villains for the new DLC.


Post Launch Content

If you're concerned about the replayability and length of Far Cry 6, Ubisoft has you covered. We already have information of extra DLC content and extra modes coming for Far Cry 6 post launch, which should be great additions and offer more for players beyond the main story and missions.

Crossover Missions

Far Cry 6 will bring three modes inspired by characters from other franchises and will be available for Co-Op gameplay.

  • Dany & Danni vs Everybody, Danny Rojas the main character of Far Cry 6 will team-up with Danni Trejo (Machete) to bring some destruction in Yara's street.
  • Rambo, All the Blood, if chasing bad guys with a Machete was not enough, you can play a mode based in Rambo the 80's movies. (unfortunately, Stallone is not playing his iconic role)
  • The Vanishing, a mission based in Stranger Thing, Dani Rojas needs to find her doggy friend Chorizo.
Image of the content for Season Pass od  Far Cry 6
The content of Far Cry 6 Season Pass

Season Pass

Far Cry 6 is going down memory lane, bringing back three villains in a die and retry formula, players will have a preview of the backstories of these archenemies.

  • Collapse, take control of Joseph Seed (Far Cry 5)
  • Control, take control of Pagan Min (Far Cry 4)
  • Insanity, take control of Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3)

The Season Pass will include Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Set (Cosmetics)

Besides Crossovers, and Season Pass DLC, Far Cry 6 players will obtain Special Operations and Weekly Insurgencies to have some extra hours of content in addition to the very dramatic story of the Revolution in Yara.