Far Cry 6: How to use Phone & Tag Enemies

Far Cry 6 is now here and with that huge world comes equally formidable enemies. If you're taking the game on alone or with a friend, you may want some things to even the scales in your favour.

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The game's infamous tagging system is one of the most impactful mechanics. Here's how to use it.

Using your phone in Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, you simply have to push up on the directional pad to activate your phone's camera. If you're looking to use it for other purposes, you just have to click down.


From here, you can look around or zoom in and out with the right and left trigger respectively. With PC, you can set your own controls to whatever is comfortable for you.

How to tag enemies


Tagging enemies is easier than it has ever been. Just hover over something and it will automatically tag them.

There are certain objects you can't tag like military vehicles. That being said, it won't only tag enemies. It can register alarms, things of interest and anything that may help you take down a base.

Why you should tag enemies

First, it's great to tag enemies to make sure you know where everything is when you hunt down a base. Second, being able to find and take out alarms helps go undetected. Once they're out, you can go in all guns blazing without the worry of reinforcements.

Finally, all enemies have weaknesses and strengths that highlighting them shows. If you're using a sniper rifle, you may want to swap for one that does more damage to armour or another known for taking out the more squishy enemies. In Far Cry 6, doing well is all about information. This is the best way of getting all you should know.