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How Many Editions Of Dying Light 2 Are Available To Pre-Order And What Will They Cost

We're eagerly awaiting the release of Dying Light 2 this December, but it's left us asking, 'what editions of the game are available to pre-order now?'

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Across both digital and physical releases, there is a total of four Dying Light 2 editions to choose from. Here's what comes in each one.

Dying Light 2 Ultimate Edition

Dying Light 2 Ultimate is one of the top editions of the game, in fact, it's the top digital edition available to pre-order.

The Ultimate edition comes with the pre-order bonus Reload weapon, outfit and paraglider skins. It will also come with all future story DLC of which there are two packs currently planned. You will receive a special 'Ultimate Digital Items' pack containing a 2-Hour Night XP Boost and crafting materials.

dying light 2 digital editions
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A rundown of content for the digital editions

Finally, you will receive the Deluxe digital item pack. This contains a digital Soundtrack, Artbook and Comic as well as some wallpapers. As for in-game items, the Deluxe pack also comes with a Legendary Skin Pack and some Weapon Charms.


As is clear from the amount of content you get, this is one of the top Dying Light 2 editions for a reason, and gives you everything you could possibly want as a fan of the franchise.

The Ultimate Edition will cost £89.99 to pre-order on the Xbox or PlayStation store. It is £79.99 to pre-order on Steam.

Dying Light 2 Collectors Edition

For those of you who still prefer a physical release, Dying Light 2 has you covered. The Collectors Editions will be available on all platforms that the game is releasing on.

The content is identical to the Ultimate Edition in regards to the game. It's in the physical products that you receive where the editions become unique.

In the Collectors Edition you will receive; some UV stickers, a UV flashlight, a map of the city, a steelbook case, an artbook, a collectors edition box and, most importantly, the Defender Of The City statue with built in UV lamp.

The collectors edition is currently unavailable to pre-order, but retailed for $229.99 when it was. Should pre-orders be cancelled, Amazon in the UK is the only place to grab one.


Dying Light 2 Deluxe Editions

As we work our way down through the editions of Dying Light 2 there will of course be less content available.

Perhaps you're excited for the game and don't want to shell out top dollar. If that is the case here's what you can get if you choose the Deluxe Edition of Dying Light 2.

If you go for the physical or digital Deluxe editions of Dying Light 2, the content is fairly similar. The only difference being that you will receive a steelbook case if you go for the physical version.


Game content is exactly that same. You will receive the pre-order bonus Reload pack, the deluxe digital item pack and the first story DLC pack.

The second story DLC pack, which isn't anticipated until long after release, can still be purchased separately should you wish to buy it later down the line.

The Deluxe edition will cost £64.99 to pre-order on Steam or £74.99 to pre-order on the Xbox or PlayStation store.

Dying Light 2 Standard Editions

This is the simplest of the Dying Light 2 editions. Again the only difference between physical and digital here is the product itself, you get a case and disc with the physical version.

Dying Light 2 in-game screenshot
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Whichever edition you choose, it's sure to be a good time

Content between the editions is identical with you receiving the full Dying Light 2 game and the pre-order Reload pack.


The Digital version will cost £59.99 to pre-order on the Xbox or PlayStation store. It is £54.99 to pre-order on Steam

Regardless of which edition you choose to invest in, what matters most is that Dying Light 2 is hopefully set to be a fantastic experience for fans and newcomers alike.