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Doom Eternal Ancient Gods: Campaign DLC, new content, and Xbox Game Pass!

The first DLC for Doom Eternal is now live, Ancient Gods Part One.

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The expansion provides extra content for the base version of the game, boasting a number of exciting new additions.

Now, with this being the first DLC for the game, let’s take a look at what exciting new features are being added now!


New Content

The DLC adds a new mission, new locations and new enemies to the game!

ancient gods part one
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ACTION PACKED: The trailer promises non-stop action for players

In this new mission you will have to restore order to the heavens as you face your greatest test. Brilliant, not much then!

The new locations added to the game promise to take you some pretty incredible places.

New locations include the UAC Atlantica on earth, Blood Swamps of Hell and demon-infested Urdak, each of which brings more epic action to the first-person game.

Enemies that will be added to the game are demon buffing Spirit and the deadly Blood Maykr, both of which add new combat challenges.

ancient gods part one 2
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NEW SETTINGS: The DLC offers a number of new locations

With these exciting new additions to the game in the first DLC, we are excited to see what hellish wonders are added in Ancient Gods Part Two.

Doom Eternal Game Pass and DLC

Fortunately, the base game itself is now available for free for Xbox Game Pass holders.

In addition, subscribers to the Game Pass can also purchase this DLC for $2 less at $17.99 rather than $19.99.

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For those on PC, the standard edition is currently £49.99 on Steam, whilst the DLC Ancient Gods Part One is £15.99.

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