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How Long Deathloop Takes to Beat

On the face of it, Deathloop looks like a pretty straightforward action game, but it's actually far from it. It's more of a puzzle game that uses a loop system, so can be pretty complicated. Therefore, you're probably wondering how long Deathloop takes to beat and how long the puzzle takes to solve.

How Long Deathloop Takes to Beat

An average playthrough of Deathloop takes about 15 hours, but there are some caveats - more so than in most games.


Since Deathloop is a puzzle game more than a traditional action adventure, how long it takes to beat depends on how good you are at solving the puzzle.

If you storm through all of the missions without any problems, Deathloop could take under 15 hours, but struggle to progress and it could take a lot more.

The other factor that could change how long Deathloop takes to beat is how you decide to play. Are you a stealth leaning player, or do you go in all guns blazing?

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If you're someone who goes in all guns blazing, you'll probably beat Deathloop faster than you would if you take your time and take every enemy out with stealth kills.


It's pretty obvious that walking around rather than sprinting with a shotgun will be slower, but it's something to keep in mind if you find yourself flying past the 15 hours mark in your Deathloop playthrough.

What will also impact how long it takes for you to beat Arkane's game is whether you decide to explore all the kill opportunities or not.

If you play Deathloop like a Hitman game, figuring out each of the ways to kill a target and finding all the clues along the way, the game will take longer to beat once more.

For more people, though, you can expect Deathloop to take 15 hours or so to beat.