02 Aug 2021 10:38 AM +00:00

Supercell to celebrate NINE years of Clash of Clans with another Clashiversary

It's finally here! The next Clashiversary event is upon us and Clash of Clans is nine years old! Here's the latest on what this means for Clash of Clans and what you can expect over the next couple of weeks.

LATEST - Clashiversary 9 Challenge & More

It's time for a party and Supercell knows how to do it! There are new Party-themed cosmetic items for a few of your favourite Clash of Clans units and a new Challenge for you to tackle. The 9th Clashiversary Challenge itself is pretty easy, and the rest of the content is worth checking out.

The Beat King and the Party Queen are joined by new Clashiversary scenery, Daily Deals, Clashiversary Decorations, and more.

Clash Of Clan's Next Event Is A Celebration

Each August, for a couple of weeks, Clash of Clans celebrates its birthday with an exciting event full of fantastic deals and limited-time rewards that you won't want to miss. It's a fantastic time to catch up on anything you need to build ahead of the next season, too, so it's worth checking out even if you don't want to show off your strength.


We don't know too much about what's coming just yet, but Clash of Clans' Clashiversary event usually follows the same format.


Firstly, there's going to be a Gem Boost. This essentially means that it'll only cost you 1 Gem to Boost your production buildings in Clash of Clans for the duration of the event. Each boost only lasts 24 hours, but it's a great way to catch up if you're planning to play regularly throughout the event.

In addition to this, there's going to be a series of Daily Deals and Special Offers on both in-game currency and real money purchases. We don't know what these will be yet, but they're usually a fantastic value for money (or Gems) and could be worth saving up for!

Each Clashiversary introduces a unique Statue and Cake item and we can't imagine this year's celebrations are going to be any different. These are more cosmetic items, but they can be useful in certain base layouts.

On top of all this, expect to see a limited-time Clan Games with special Clashiversary-inspired rewards. All should be revealed over the next week. Keep an eye on Clash of Clans' social media pages for more information.