Chivalry 2 Tips and Tricks - How to Heal, Throw Weapons and More

Chivalry 2 has finally launched and with that comes tonnes of blood, gore and some interesting control schemes. If you're looking for some advice and how to use the game's most important functions, here's how.

As always, this is an evolving multiplayer game so make sure to update us on what we've missed and if anything has changed. Chivalry 2 will likely change a lot over the coming year, likely starting with crossplay first.

Chivalry 2 Combat Tips

Chivalry 2's combat can be a little tricky to get to grips with, especially as heads start flying and limbs come off.

This being said, there are some tips that may help you beat your opponent in combat. Although you learn all about parrying and how to riposte in the tutorial, it doesn't teach you how to deal with actual players.

There's a psychology at work in guessing where your opponents will attack and what they will do.

Oftentimes, doing what they're not expecting is far more valuable than what takes the most skill. Sometimes, a rogue movement or odd jump can be the difference between life and death. This is why movement is so important.

Chivalry 2 How to Crouch

Crouching is a very versatile tool in most players' arsenal and worth taking advantage of. Given most classes have a wide swing mechanic, you can sometimes avoid a life-ending swing with good timing.

On controllers, you simply have to click in the left analog stick to crouch. It requires holding down for a second, making the crouch a little less viable but still rather good.

On PC, you simply have to click the crtl button, assuming you don't have your own custom keys in place yet. This is the same as many big games so shouldn't be a surprise to many.

Chivalry 2 How to Throw Weapons

A good crouch can get you out of the way from a swing but a nasty lunge or thrown javelin will still impale you. Luckily, you can throw it right back at them if they miss.

On consoles, you simply press in the two bumper buttons at the same time to chuck it right back. It will throw whatever you have in your hand at the moment (this can even be roses if you get the special edition). On PC, press G to throw your weapons at your enemies.

Chivalry 2 How to Heal

Now that you've dealt with the oncoming enemy after taking a javelin to the leg, you should probably heal up to get out there.

Luckily, there are many ways to do so. You can use one bandage with up on the D-pad for consoles and the number buttons for PC. This isn't the only way to do so.

You can find food around the map that can be interacted with for a nice health boost. This is much quicker than the bandage and doesn't require as much waiting around.

This being said, it's less consistent and could be surrounded by enemies. Another way to heal is by using the bandage kit, trumpet or banner that comes with some of the game's classes.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Javelin

The game's classes are set up in very specific ways to synergize with each other in a strange form of rock, paper, scissors. Where the Knight favours heavy swings and even heavier armour, the Archer excels at taking out opponents from range.

The Footman is great at swiftly locking down an area with a little bit of range and the Vanguard can be just as quick, at the cost of their health.

Getting familiar with each class and their weaknesses is incredibly important for dispatching as many as you possibly can. Don't get too cocky with your movement, rely on your teammates and, most importantly, have fun.

How to Win

Winning each game depends on the map and mode you choose. Assuming you've chosen the team modes, winning is mostly a self-explanatory feat as the top of the screen will inform you of what to do.

This being said, there are a few tactics you can employ to help your team get the victory.

Winning in Chivalry 2 is all about being responsive to what's in front of you. If your team are being picked off too quickly or you aren't pushing hard enough, change tactics.

If they have too many in one place, start throwing firebombs or using bows. If they have a chokehold, look for a different path. The key to winning is making yourself adaptable and willing to change. If what you're doing isn't working, change it.

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