Biomutant Will Run Native 4K on Series X But Not PS5

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Biomutant, with its open-world sights and animal people, is visually stunning.

That being said, it may be a little more visually stunning on one console than the other. This is why.


Biomutant has been spotted in the wild today, days before its official release. Although THQ Nordic have asked people to not share too much about the game before others get to play, some rumours arose about how it will run


Over on Twitter, they have confirmed that the PS5 release of the game runs at an upscaled 4K due to technical issues. In contrast, the Xbox Series X version of the game will run at a native 4K at launch.

What Does This Mean?

Truthfully? This will likely mean little for most people starting the game on May 25th. On PS5, it will run upscaled 4K which will still provide a better experience than a standard 1080p game but it won't be quite as good as the Series X version, visually. Upscaled 4k is a little less efficient in how it runs as it takes the 1080p screen and fits it to the 4k one. The base image is a little worse so the end product is too. This being said, they are still operating at the same frame rate and the base game is the same.

The average player likely won't notice the difference but if you're someone with some knowledge and experience in the field, you will want to go for the Series X version for now.


This all being said, the team at Experiment101 are working on a native 4K current-gen update for the game that should run a better version of both games in the future. If you only have a PS5 and simply can't stomach the game at an upscaled 4K, you shouldn't have to wait for long to play it native anyway.