26 May 2021 8:46 AM +00:00

Biomutant Mercenary Pre-order Bonus: Player Reports and How to Claim

Biomutant has finally just released and with a big open world and tonnes of quests (and even a new game plus mode) there is so much to keep an eye on.

Unfortunately, perceptive players joining in today have spotted their preorder bonuses gone. Here's what happened.

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PS4 Error Reports

Last night, as people started playing at midnight, hundreds of users started complaining that the bonuses they paid for weren't showing up for them.

The team at THQ Nordic were made aware and appear to be working on the solution. The strange thing about this is only players on PlayStation seem to be having this issue. Those playing on PS5, Xbox and PC seem to have received their preorder just fine.

What Is It?


The pre-order bonus offered with Biomutant is a whole new class. As described in our class guide, the Mercenary is a high damage class with a focus on melee but also with the ability to use his ranged moves.

This is an interesting class that almost feels a bit like a glass cannon at later points in the game. Doing heaps of damage at the cost of resistance is a lot of fun.

How To Claim Mercenary Pre-Order Bonus

On Xbox and PC, you should be able to claim them alongside the game itself. It should automatically pop up as an option to install on both platforms and should be ready to go.

If you bought the game physically, however, you might have to enter a code into your store of choice's 'Redeem Code' section.

With Playstation, this is less easy to fix. Unfortunately, this is all in the hands of THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 at this point.

If you are playing on PlayStation, you may just have to wait a little bit to use your brand new class. Unfortunately, you can't change class midway through the game so you may have to wait it out to start with the Mercenary.

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