Battlefield 2042 Beta Preload Times: When you can download it early

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The Battlefield 2042 open beta is just around the corner, giving players the chance to give the game a go before the game releases next month. If you want to download the game before the servers go live, here's what you should know.

Latest - You can Preload right now

The beta is now available to preload. Just find the game on your platform of choice, click play and then click request access.

It should let you download ahead of the official launch.


Battlefield 2042 Beta Preload Times

Anyone with access, whether that be via early access for pre-ordering or simply by waiting for the open period a couple of days later, can preload the Battlefield 2042 beta from 4am EDT/9am BST on October 5.

That news comes direct from an image released by EA and Dice, which details the release times for the beta across the globe, as well as when preload begins. You can check it out below if you're looking for more content on release times.

This works on any platforms you're playing the game on, so get the download going as soon as you can. For now, we don't know how big the Battlefield 2042 beta's download size is, but we'll update you as soon as we do. It'll probably be pretty large, though, so be prepared. CoD Vanguard's, for example, was about 25GB.

Once you've preloaded the game, you won't have to install anything once the servers go live. You'll then be able to jump in and play from 9am BST on October 6, depending on what kind of access you have.


Minimum PC Specs

While console players won't have to worry about any of this, PC players will need to know about the minimum PC specs for the Battlefield 2042 beta before they preload it.

Thankfully, EA and Dice released this information alongside the start time and preload details, so you can check them out below to see if what you have matches them.

You've only got a month and a half to prepare for the full release of Battlefield 2042, so diving into the open beta will be a great chance to get ready.