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Assassin's Creed Ragnarok: Release date narrowed down & Three other Ubisoft titles in development

One of Ubisoft’s biggest titles has another release coming soon! However, there has been no official information from Ubisoft regarding the game.

We have been able to narrow down the release date from other information from Ubisoft regarding release dates of other games.

From leaks on Reddit, we know the game is titled ‘Assassin’s Creed: Ragnarok’ and has a Viking-mythology setting.

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Ubisoft’s 2020/21 Road Map

Ubisoft has announced the release of 5 triple-A games between now and the start of next years financial year (April 2020).

ubisoft games 2020 releases
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UBISOFT - What is your favourite Ubisoft title?


One of these is expected the be the upcoming Assassin’s Creed

What do you hope to see Ragnarok improve upon when compared to the other Assassin’s Creed titles?

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The other games expected to be among these five games are; Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow 6 Quarantine, Far Cry 6 and Gods and Monsters.

With these games set to release, it seems Ubisoft will have a very strong year.

Other Games to Release

As listed above, the other triple-A titles expected to release are Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow 6 Quarantine, Far Cry 6 and Gods and Monsters.

rainbow 6 quarantine
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QUARANTINE - Fight off a zombie-like creature in the upcoming Rainbow 6 title


With many delays to these games, we can expect to see Rainbow Six: Quarantine release very shortly, in March 2020.

Both Gods and Monsters, and Watch Dogs Legion have also been delayed, so it’s likely we’ll see these release after Quarantine.

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We've had no information regarding ay release of a new Far Cry, meaning it is likely to be one of these later games to release.

Ragnarok Release Date

From piecing together the release date of the other games expected to release, we can expect to see Ragnarok release sometime in Autumn 2020.

assassins creed ragnarok
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HIDDEN KILLER - Will Ragnarok stick to the stealthyplaystyle of previous games?


At this time, we still don’t know a specific release date, but this is most likely what we can expect to see from the upcoming year from Ubisoft.

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Will you be playing AC: Ragnarok at release?