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04 Mar 2021

Here's how to get all the Shamrock Day items in ACNH

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When Is Shamrock Day?

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Shamrock Day Furniture

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Shamrock Day Clothing

It might not be Shamrock Day in ACNH just yet but there are items up for grabs from the latest Seasonal Items range!

Below, we've got everything you need to know about the Irish-themed Shamrock Day event that's going on in Animal Crossing New Horizons right now!

When Is Shamrock Day?

This year, the Shamrock Day content was added to Animal Crossing New Horizons through the February 25th update so it's all ready to go for when the week-long event kicks off.

From February 25th, 2021, until March 17th, 2021, the Shamrock Day items are going to be available in ACNH via Nook Shopping and the Able Sisters.

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Only one item from the series of Seasonal Items will be available at a time though on the Nook Shopping Seasonal Tab so you'll have to make sure you're logging in every day to get the whole set!

Shamrock Day Furniture

There are only three items of furniture up for grabs in ACNH this Shamrock Day.

Although it might seem like a small amount, they are still well-worth logging in to buy!

ACNH Shamrock Day Items Full Set
SLAINTE! - That's cheers in Irish! Happy Shamrock Day

You can get a Soda, a Doorplate with the word "failte" on it, and a Shamrock Day themed rug in the shape of a cloverleaf. Failte is a word that means "welcome" in Irish.

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These will all be available on the Nook Shopping Seasonal Tab between March 10th, 2021, and March 17th, 2021.

Shamrock Day Clothing

The clothing options you'll be able to get in ACNH during the Shamrock Day event are all available from the Able Sisters.

Below, we've listed them below with their prices!

  • Shamrock Hat - 1320 Bells
ACNH Shamrock Day items clothing Shamrock Hat
SHAMROCK HAT - The first item in the Shamrock Day clothing set
  • Shamrock Glasses - 1100 Bells
ACNH Shamrock Day items clothing Shamrock Glasses
SHAMROCK GLASSES - Probably not the most practical look, but it's festive!
  • Shamrock Suit - 3000 Bells
ACNH Shamrock Day Items clothing Shamrock Suit
SHAMROCK SUIT - So dapper, right?
  • Shamrock Shoes - 1680 Bells
ACNH Shamrock Day Items Clothing Shamrock Shoes
SHAMROCK SHOES - The perfect thing to complete the look!

These items are only available to purchase between February 25th, 2021, and March 9th, 2021, though so you need to get them quick!

For the latest from Animal Crossing New Horizons, Isabelle has you covered on Twitter here.

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