Alan Wake Remastered Release Time: We're hours away from launch!

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Remedy Entertainment's 2010 action-adventure game about a novelist fighting the supernatural demons of his own writing is an underrated gem. It was well-recieved upon release, but no one really talks about it a lot. Now, though, they might. Alan Wake is getting Remastered and it's due to release a lot sooner than you might think. Here's everything you need to know.

When does Alan Wake Remastered come out?

Alan Wake Remastered is due to release on October 5th - on all platforms. This means you can pick it up on Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles, or the Epic Games Store (for PC) in a matter of hours.

If you're buying it digitally, Alan Wake Remastered is going to be available from midnight local time on all platforms. Looking for a countdown clock? We've got one below!

Alan Wake Remastered


If you're picking up a physical copy, these should be in-store from October 5th. Of course, it's best to check with your chosen retailer about this, though.

What's new in Bright Falls?

Alan Wake Remastered is - as the title suggests - going to be a remastered version of 2010's Alan Wake from Remedy Entertainment. Control Ultimate Edition was a fantastic insight into what Remedy Entertainment can do when "upgrading" their games, but Alan Wake is a lot older than Control. How's it going to stack up?

Well... It should look good, but it should also still feel like Alan Wake did all those years ago. The aggressive over-the-shoulder camera isn't going anywhere and a lot of the game is going to play the same as it did in the original release.

As you can see below, the graphical upgrade is going to be noticeable throughout. All the character models and environments have been given an upgrade.

If you're looking for a more direct comparison, Remedy Entertainment has released a Comparison trailer. You can check that out below:

Next-gen versions of Alan Wake Remastered boast 4K Visuals, improved loading times, and every version will feature enhanced cutscenes. We expect these to follow the same narrative, but they might be fleshed out a little with additional shots.

Xbox has said the following:

" You can expect to see re-worked cutscenes with improved facial animations and lip-syncing, richer environments, and enhanced character models that have updated skin and hair shaders. Improvements have also been made to materials and textures in general, plus anti-aliasing, shadows, wind simulation, and increased draw distances."

People who have been playing Alan Wake Remastered early have also noted that there are a few secrets out there fans of the series - and of Remedy Entertainment's "Game Universe" - will enjoy. Take care exploring Bright Falls, you don't know what you'll find.

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