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When will the Madden 22 Franchise updates EA promised arrive?

Madden 22 Franchise updates have been a topic of conversation since long before the game was even released, and EA continues to punt the ball down the field.

With things seemingly continuing to be delayed, we're looking at when EA has promised Madden 22 Franchise updates and what those could be if they ever arrive.

Madden 22 Franchise updates still missing in action despite EA's promises

If you feel like the Madden 22 Franchise conversation has been going on for a long time, then you're not wrong.

Promises for Madden 22 Franchise were being made all the way back around the launch of Madden 21, as EA responded to the #FixMaddenFranchise movement by attempting to reassure players their voices had been heard.

Madden 21 ended up seeing very little change at launch, though they did make an effort to add a few quality of life features like league history months after it had been released.

By then, the conversation had already shifted to Madden 22 Franchise, and before long the lead-up to launch was underway with EA putting a huge focus on their upcoming Scouting update.

The revamped scouting system was an often-requested feature, but frustration grew as EA spotlighted something that wouldn't even be in the game at launch. That frustration was only amplified when the update didn't arrive at the promised time.

EA insisted heading into launch in August 2021 that the Scouting update was targeted for September, but things went quiet until it finally arrived in the middle of October 2021.

From there, EA reaffirmed that they would stick to the promise of delivering "three franchise updates" following the launch of Madden 22, which was part of their "Franchise as a live service" plan.

When will the Madden 22 Franchise updates actually arrive?

This is the burning question for many fans, and it's one that has an answer with constantly shifting goalposts thanks to EA.

When the Scouting update finally arrived back in October, there were understandable hopes by fans to see the next Madden 22 Franchise updates hit by the end of 2021.

In late November, an SGO report surfaced stating that EA had actually cancelled those two extra planned Madden 22 Franchise updates.

EA didn't wait long to respond, and just days later they reaffirmed their promise that two more Madden 22 Franchise updates would arrive by saying: “We do not like to comment on rumors or speculation; however, we are committed to continuing to improve Franchise as a part of our ongoing Madden NFL 22 live service and beyond. This includes two upcoming Franchise updates that we’ll deliver in Madden NFL 22. We will have more details on the updates in the new year.”

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That response by EA was more than two months ago, and they've already dropped two Madden 22 updates since the year began with no word on whether Franchise updates are still coming.

As we dove into back in December, a Scouting Talent Tree and updates to the scenario engine were both on the table, but at this point any potential arrival is starting to feel like obligation more than anything.

The final Madden 21 Franchise Mode updates hit in March of 2021, which would mean on a similar timeline that Madden 22 has about three weeks to deliver two separate and significant Franchise updates.

Without any significant changes or news in the next few weeks, fans may want to start facing the reality that these supposed Madden 22 Franchise updates may just end up being new features in Madden 23.

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