Street Power Football Preview - Game Modes, Gameplay, Shop, DLC & more

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Street Power Football arrives this summer to get football fever back on the menu.

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It’s time to express yourself in a range of game modes on a small-sided pitch, featuring over 20 real-life football freestylers.

What is Street Power Football?

Street Power Football is an arcade-type street football game with a whole range of game modes.

street power football london
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GLOBETROTTING - You name the venue

Ranging from a classic kick-off with power-ups to allow you to get the edge over your opponent, to freestyle where you can replicate the skills of real-life football freestylers, Street Power Football covers all angles of the street scene.

You can also play in a range of venues all over the world, from the New York subway to the Copacabana beach in Rio, Brazil.


Game Modes

Street Power Football has six game modes:

Story Mode

Known as “Become King”, pro freestyler Sean Garnier guides you different challenges on all the playgrounds around the world.

street power football sean garnier
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TAKE THE THRONE - Can you learn from Sean Garnier and become the next king of the street?

He takes you through all the different game modes, as you look to become the king of the street!

Freestyle Mode

You may recognise the freestyle mode from how the likes of Guitar Hero or Just Dance have worked in the past, with timing incredibly important when executing your trick.

Sean Garnier Street Power Football min
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NO HOLDS BARRED - Can you style your way to victory?

You choose a song to perform to, and pull out some showstopping tricks in time to the music.



Beat the high score on each playground as you look to knock off targets in trickshot mode against the clock.

Street Power Match

This is SPF’s take on a classic kick-off match which can be in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 format.

Street Power Football Favela screenshot 2 min
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FEEL THE POWER - Can you score with style?


Performing tricks in game fills up your power bar, which then activates your super power.

There’s also “pick ups” that appear on the pitch which can give you a special ability to use.


Only the best players can handle Panna.

Load up your power bar to “Panna” (or nutmeg in English) your opponent.

Street Power Football Copacabana screenshot 2 min
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NUTS! - There's no greater humiliation

A goal is worth one point, whilst a Panna gets you two points. In Panna KO, 1 Panna will get you the victory.


Elimination Mode

In this local multiplayer mode, everytime you score you eliminate an opponent.

To make the goal eligible to score, you have to get out of the white zone, with the goal only eligible for 10 seconds.


It’s difficult to compare all the game modes, but that’s what makes Street Power Football so brilliant, the diversity within it.

The classic Street Power Match is perhaps what you will play the most, and once you’ve got your head around the controls, you’ll have great fun destroying the defence and banging in goals with power ups.

street power football gameplay screenshot min
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SUPER CHARGE - Watch out for an opponent using their superpower


Once mastered, the freestyle and trickshot modes can feel a bit wooden, but online play will give this a bit of freshness, and it breaks up the story mode quite nicely.

When facing off against mates, we recommend the elimination mode as you can add insult to injury by removing one of your opponent’s player when you score.


The in-game shop allows you to fully customise each character.

street power football shop min
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BESPOKE - Give your favourite freestylers a new look

Change up their outfits, gear and tattoos with new characters and items to be added over the coming months.


DLC & Challenges

From launch, Street Power Football will also feature Daily and Weekly Challenges across various game modes, most notably in trickshot, which will adjust where the targets appear.

Not only that but DLC will provide new locations, new players  - including the Skill Twinz and the F2 Freestylers, new music, clothing brands and even more game modes!


It’s so far, so good from Street Power Football with still online play yet to be discovered.

The multiple game modes offers versatility and it’s unlikely you’ll get bored of the Maximum Games title, especially with multiple game updates set to bring even more content to the wicked game.

Preview Score: 4 stars (out of 5)

Street Power Football releases on Tuesday, 25 August 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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