Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X: Mods place GIANT console in game... with a PS5 also in the works!

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Microsoft Flight Simulator has taken to the skies and has been an absolute smash on PC.

We don't know when the game will arrive on Xbox, however the new Xbox has actually arrived in the game!

Mod to the Max

Modder @Oh_Gaz has shown off a video of a giant Xbox Series X appearing at Microsoft HQ in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

With Flight Sim expected to launch on Xbox consoles at the launch of Xbox Seres X|S - you can understand why the modder has done it - but Oh_Gaz is now going to do the same for PS5!

CODE BLUE - We don't expect the MFS team to give this a retweet!
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CODE BLUE - We don't expect the MFS team to give this a retweet!

When will we see Flight Sim on Xbox?

There has been no announcement regarding the release date of Microsoft Flight Simulator, but we do know it is still arriving after being confirmed in the initial release trailer at E3 2019.

It was expected that the game would arrive on the Xbox family of consoles at the launch of Xbox Series X|S, but the Wikipedia page for the game now says 2021.

We may have seen the Xbox Series X appear in Flight Simulator, but it may be a little while longer before we see Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X.

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